Thursday, June 26, 2008

Urbanknitrix - email conversation with friend

THANK YOU for letting me vent. I have had some time to Relax, Relate, Release. Although, I am still upset. I guess it is not enough kids dying accidentally. But moving on.

EMAIL CONVERSATION: Excuse the ebonics, two ole friends chatting.

BFF Email: Girl, I made a big mistake. Do you remember Retardo?
Urb Response: Yes, what did you do?
BFF Email: I’m not saying.....You know.LOL
Urb Response: Whatever, what? How did you hook back up with Retardo?
BFF Email: Girl, we have been talking. I just didn't tell you. SORRY BOO
Urb Response: How did he/you find him? I thought he left the state or something. You are off the hook.
BFF Email: Girl, he never left and we have been hanging out. sometimes he take me to lunch or dinner when i have time on my hands. one thing led to another.
Urb Response: How long have yall been dating? I thought he fell off the face of the earth.
BFF Email: Girl, its not really dating. i don't know what it is? he has changed his ways though. A LOT!! HE ask me all the time to go out but i don't be having a sitter like that. Girl, he is a different person.

People always seek advice from me. Not bragging, just the truth, friends, strangers, etc. I asked a friend before why and she said she knows I will give it to her straight. No cut cards and not maliciously. I will listen to you, cry and withhold judgment until you ask for it. Anywho, let’s get back to the program.

Will you date your ex after he tried to have you arrested for harassment and stalking? I mean what’s really hood! I know we all do stuff. I just do not understand when you have kids.

About 4 or 5 years ago, my bff dated this fool who was older and married. His wife was supposed to been dying and authorized this (I do not care if I am on my deathbed it ain’t happen). No, I do not believe it, but I have heard of arrangements like this. Anyway, he was older and very controlling. You know the type want to give a little young thing money and you have to stand at attention and look pretty when he asked. Well, she got tired and broke up with him. A very rocky on again, off again relationship. Then one day out the blue, she brings him up and they were “just friends”. Wife still living, okay. She gets a phone call from a girl – NOT HIS WIFE. They talk of course. Compare notes and low and behold, he has proposed to this chick, she has a wedding ring and all and wife still here mind you. The other chick called ole dude and told him what was going on. He called and cursed my friend out and told her not to call the chick. Well they kept talking.

Now ladies (gent are you there?), I am only going by hearsay, because we are known to do crazy things. My friend called me hysterical. Boyfriend filed harassment charges against her, which are very serious. The police came to her house and served her papers. She of course countered the same thing. They had to go to court. However, before they could make it to court, he called her and told her do not worry about she did not have to show up, it did not mean anything. I told her, you had better get your ass to court, what if he is lying. Well it all came out good in the end because he did not show up and it was dropped. Oh one more thing, her dad is a Reverend and this fool called her house when she was living with her parents and told them that he was the father of her daughter. He is not, but can you imagine what she went through with her dad, mom and the bible. It was not a good look.

I know people can change but it is not THAT much changing in the world. Just my opinion, what is yours? Oh and did you catch that last snippet about not having a baby sitter. OH WELL.


Keli said...

Now I forgave a man...only to get burned in the long run (for a second time)...and he never did anything as crazy as this to me. People can change but they truly have to want to experience growth...and some men will say all the right things to pull you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

I wanted to thank you for the birthday well wishes...appreciate it.

Carmell said...

ummmm... nope. can't do it. you don't have me served with harrassment papers and then want to kick it again... i don't think so... sitter for who???