Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mr. Stefon, the kids working and the Hulk

First off, let me begin by saying THANK YOU for making me feel like a KNITTER. As I said before, this pattern is really easy – TRUST, if I can do it any body can. So get them needles, patterns, yarn, and get to knitting!

My family is big movie watchers. When The Hulk came out the first time, we all HATED it. We told every one not to see that movie! I was hurt because the green man was my bun coming up. Therefore, when we heard there was going to be another we were not too happy….until, the husband and I found out Big Ed was going to be in it. WE LOVE ED NORTON. ***Sidebar***Ed Norton is the business. He is so versatile, I do not even want to start naming what I like him best in because too many! In addition, if I see him in person the husband better watch out, I might know his ass over trying to get to him. Okay, I woke up.

The movie was great, we are still talking about it today and we saw it Friday, before Anger Mgmt graduation (Yes we squeezed in; I tried to convince her that it was her gift but she was not having it).

Anger Mgmt and College Boy are working this summer. Anger Mgmt do not want to work she has been trying to get out of working since her dad told her last year, that that was her last summer of loafing. College Boy is used to it he has been working since the 9th grade as well, although she thinks its unfair because this is her 8th grade summer (I did not tell her to be born in January, well…I guess, never mind). She text me on Monday telling me she is bored. I text her back and said it was money. Homegirl, text me back and said so. All I could do was laugh.

Mr. Stefon got dealt with on Monday. Why you ask? The hell if I know, he keeps pushing the buttons.

On Saturday, I decide to bake a cake and have him help because he is always yapping about how grandma let him do xyz. I let him help. However, we did not ice the cake or decorate it. He came to me later and asked me to do it I told him no, maybe tomorrow. I had every intentions of doing it on Sunday, but it was Father’s Day, so another day goes by. Well, on Monday, after running the kids and all that I cook dinner and look at the cake. WHY SOMEONE PINCH THE CAKE? I said what the hell? Mr. Conservative comes in there asking what is wrong, dying laughing because we all know who did it.

ME: I already know who did this crap. SSSSSSTTTTTTEEEEFFFFFOOONNN

Stefon: Ha?

ME: What happened to my cake?

S: (he says nothing looks down shame faced)


S: Yes

M: Why?

S: I don’t know?

I will not incriminate myself in this post, but TRUST, Mr. Stefon got dealt with!!!

But hold up, why he ask me for money the next day and some cake. Boy please you will not get NADDA. I am sorry I do not believe in rewarding crap like that, not at all. I ain’t the meanest mother, but I am not your friend either.

What was Mr. Conservative doing during all this? CRACKING UP! I mean, rolling on the floor. The other two were just shaking their heads, like, we never did anything like that. I looked at College Boy and said boy please, you used your damn shovel to cut my cake when you were little!

Wish me luck, I am going to a interview to get Mr. Stefon in a tennis program for the summer, maybe he will use up some energy.


Cas... said...

Give that baby some cake gurl! Poor thing! He just wanted a taste!

I am glad you liked the movie too. I hope Ed Norton reads this blog! LOL! He is the guy from Primal something or another with Richard Gere right? I liked that guy a lot. Very versatile!

cici said...

So, is the cake still sitting there waiting to be iced or what?You can cover up that pinch easily with a little icing. Come on mama, give'em some cake.

Lisa said...

I too was/ am skeptical on the Hulk movie. The first one was such a steaming pile (with extra poor special effects) that when this one started advertising I said - here we go again. It does look interesting and MSN gave it a good review. The showdown looks cliche though. Good against bad and all that. I'll still go see it when it comes down here and we can commiserate.

Carmell said...

i thought the first Hulk was horrible too. but i have heard nothing but good things about the new one. I like Ed too. hes actually kind of cute in a weird white boy nerdy way!

how old is Mr. Stefon? he sounds like my son!
what kind of jobs do you oldest 2 have? i got a ways to go as my oldest is only 9 but damn if he needs and activity! i's asking myself "when does school start" and it is barely 2 weeks into summer vacation!

NikkiJ said...

Oh, Urban, come ooooon. The child had to watch a cake sit around the house for two days without getting any? Torture.

Anonymous said...

You know, I might have pinched that cake, too, waiting that long, lol. We have to bake & frost all within an hour around these parts; otherwise, someone may chew on my arm.

sahara said...

Aw, it's just a pinch––dealt with? Didn't you pinch anything when you were young?;-)