Monday, June 16, 2008

Anger Mgmt get's top honors and the dress


My chest is poked out y’all. Ms. Anger Management received the top score is her class. SHE WAS NUMERO UNO!!!! We were/are so proud of her.


The dance was nice. When she got dressed with the hair and all that, she looked awesome. Also, that is when I realized my baby isn’t so much a baby any more, she is turning into a beautiful young lady. Damn.


We went online to buy her original dress and we found out her dress was out of stock tell August. Well, we were up shit creek then because she can’t stand pink (I think I traumatized her when she was a baby), she loves blue and all the stores we went to had pink. Time was running down and then she went on the Honors trip so I could not get anything with out her consent (because I was still finding dresses in pink – its her color!). When she got back home I showed her the dresses I saw and she was none too happy, but at the same time we had to get something. My budget was $200.00 (folks, I was not trying to spend that AT ALL), I figured that was the going rate for the dresses. Well, I call the shop and ask do they have the dress and they said yup and we got chucking to the burbs. When we get there she do not look at the dress because it is multicolored and she see blue dresses. Well while she was trying on those dresses I got the sales girl to get the dress I called about, it was on the mannequin. My husband agreed that was the better dress. Any who, she shows me the contenders and she didn’t like them because they showed her boobage. One thing I like about my daughter is she haven’t discovered her body yet. She is a brick house and do not know it. She hate showing her legs, she will only wear Bermuda shorts, they have to come to her knees (for how long, not much). When she tried on my dress she looked beautiful in it, everyone told her and she kept saying, I don’t know because it is too short. I said well lets ask Dad and he said it was just fine. STAMP of APPROVAL (no cutouts) - 24.99 people.

THE SHOE: Now we go look for the shoes, I said why don’t we go to payless you don’t wear heels and this is a one time thing. We go there and they have shoes for 19.99, I said hell no. If we are going to pay that much, we might as well spend a little extra and go to Macy’s. We are walking down and we see some shoes (can’t remember the shop, but one of those teens, young adult shops) and we go in. I see some gold shoes for 29.99 and am like way to much for this store, but I am tired and she could fit them. We go to the register and the shoes were FIVE DOLLARS. Could not believe my luck.

THE BAG: I thought I had a gold clutch at home, but it was chrome – damn. We go out on the day of the dance after getting our hair and nails did. Mr. Conservative took us to Pentagon City and we ended up at Macy’s and we found a Gu.ess clutch which looked more her age for $59.99. I wasn’t mad at the price because I got such great deals with the dress and the shoes. Got to the register and magic happened again. The bag was 19.99.

So, everything came to $49.98. It’s my burday!!!


cici said...

Girl, I think you had the angels with you on this one. She sounds so much like my granddaughter. Congratulations Ms AM!!!

Virtuous said...

Just wonderful!! You should be puffed up over there!! :o)

NikkiJ said...

You living my dream right now, you know that right? Numero Uno AND modest AND stunningly beautiful.

Lisa said...

Congrats AM! Urban, your kids are doing their mama proud!