Friday, June 27, 2008

Party time!! Go Urban! Go Urban!

Ya'll I am getting down at my desk, with my door closed of course. THANK GOODNESS IT IS FRIDAY!!! Want to party with me? Well. I was at my desk and was singing some Go-Go and decided to check You.Tube to see if any was on there and sure nuff it was. If you are from the AREA you know what I am talking about. Love some Chuck Brown and you know people are playing the Godfather at all the cookouts. But let's bring it to the youngins and make me feel like I am in the club again.

Here is a taste.


I am feeling this one too. I'm Classy not Trashy!! Oh and when she hit him with boy please you lookin ragedy, my favorite part!

My Phatty!! Yup it's my phatty!!

Pieces of Me by Ashley Simpson but Go-Go Version

I think I need to go to the club!!! My husband hates go-go and he is a native Washingtonian - except for Chuck Brown, everyone loves Chuck.

They had some Chuck online but not any good audio really so I will definitely have to download some.


Sheila said...

Are you sure you don't have a rolling bar up in your Happy Friday.

Chelette said...

Okay, I am reading your post and fipping the remote and Chuck is on Evening Exchange with Kojo.. The Godfather of GoGo is 71...he looks good. Thanks for the party..