Friday, August 08, 2008

Conversations with Urb

Two days after I saw Hope.

Me: Babe, say yes
Mr. Conservative: What am I saying yes to?
Me: Just say yes.
Mr. C: I cannot just say yes what out you telling me what.
Me: Come on. Will I ever do anything to hurt you? Say yes.
Mr. C: Um, yes you will. But okay, yes.
Me: Thank you so much, I hope we have a girl this time.
Mr. C: (choke). WHAT! Sssshhhhiiiiitttt!!
Me: You already said yes so you cannot take it back. I want another little girl.
Mr. C: See that is why you should never have held that baby. Man, are you serious.
Me: Yup. Don’t you want another little girl?
Mr. C: HELL NO. We have enough goddaughters and your nieces.
Me: I am just kidding I will just visit Hope. You know I am not birfing no mo babies!!

College boy needed a state issue i.d. and I needed to get a i.d. with my name change (yes, I am just getting around to doing it). We are in the crazy amusement park and decided to ride the big roller coaster called the d.m.v for the second time - don't ask what happened the first time. Anywho, he registered to vote....again.

College Boy: Mom which party should I chose, I do not know yet.
Me: WHAT!!! Um, well, historically a child normally chooses his parents party until they finally get an opinion of their own (history proves this).
CB: Well, I do not know which party so which one can I chose.
Me: Are you serious? Well chose Independent or any other.
Me: I cannot believe you did not choose my party. You are a wimp.
CB: Well I had great parents who told me that I do not have to follow what everyone else does I should be my own man and make my own decision.

Now what can I say to that because it is true.

Me: Well, who said parents are right. Don't try and use our words against me.
CB: Are YOU serious?
Me: No. You know I have to say something. I am just proud that you are being a productive member of society and that your exercising your right to vote no matter what party you are in. However, you now will be exercising your right to be on jury duty because I swear they get me every year.

College boy needed to go and cash his check and I let him do it by his lonesome. He will be 19 soon and he needs to start doing some things on his own. With his other jobs, he had direct deposit, or I handled everything for him.

College boy calls me.

College boy: Mom I feel so stupid.
Me: Why, what happened?
CB: I cashed the check and the woman asked, how do you want this back? I told her I want money.
Me: What?
CB: Exactly.
Me: (trying not to laugh) what did she say?
CB: She said, do you want 5, 10, and 20.
Me: Yeah.
CB: I just feel so stupid.
Me: It is okay. We all have to learn.
CB: Yeah but I still feel so stupid.
Me: Well, you need to get out more and start doing things on your own. I am going to let you handle more things yourself.
CB: You are right I was thinking the same thing.
Me: Good because I am not helping you register this year. Your on your own, I helped you last year – oh and I am not your academic advisor, you need to plan your classes with him/her and then I can go over with you, but you need to pick them.
CB: Fair, but you are still going to me my mom right?
Me: That is still up for debate.
CB: Whatever, you know you love me.
Me: Bye boy I have to get back to work and so do you.

Many more conversations to come!


Cas... said...

I'm first! Yippee!

Great conversations! The one with your husband really made me laugh.

Your son is growing up!

Knitaholictoo said...

lol@cb! so this is what i should look forward to w/my 2, huh.

Sheila said...

I was totally laughing my azz off over hear and nearly coughed up my soda over the baby issue. Oh and your college boy is a hoot. I can't begin to tell you my stories with dd and she's entering her 3rd year in

Oh and dss is about to get his azz kicked messing up a scholarship.