Friday, August 22, 2008


Nineteen years and 1 day ago (Aug 21, 1989). I gave birth to a beautiful, extra long, big headed baby boy. He has been my pride and joy and I am so damn glad he allows me to be his mommy and use him as a science project.

Because I was being bad yesterday (clears throat), I did not get a chance to write my letter to him, so I plan on doing that at lunch, I believe I told you all before, but just in case I did not. I write a letter to my kids on their birthdays and tell them all the positives of the past year and then I (lay the hammer. Sike.) tell them what they need to improve on (Mr. Stefon’ will be four pages this year). My baby is 19. He is just a well rounded, boy – oh man, with a great heart and responsible. He just makes me so proud and makes me smile. I remember when he was little he would say, mommy you look so pretty today and I would look at him (knowing he is lying because I just woke up), smile and say thank you. Although, Mr. Conservative would make kissing noise and call him a kiss ass.

I keep saying I will tell you the story of my 19 year old, but I am a procrastinator and figured I would type it yesterday, well, we all know that did not happen. Maybe next week.

In addition, if you are in D.C., M.D. or V.A. there is a big block party today on U Street and some other happenings this weekend for Ben’s Chili Bowl, 50th Anniversary. If you are ever in D.C., you have to hit up Ben’s Chili Bowl on the famed U Street aka Black Broadway. I will be meeting my mom and Mr. Stefon at lunchtime to take in the festivities. My order is always the turkey burger with vegetarian chili – AWESOME, my girlfriend, love their regular burgers and half smokes, with a Strawberry milkshake.


Amanda said...

Congratulations for raising such an awesome young man. Too bad their are not more Mom's out there like you!

Happy Birthday!

cici said...

happy birthday Mr Stephon, you share your birthday with the famous Ben's Chili Bowl, hope you eat all the chili you can. I had some the last time I went to the National's Game. I prefer the veg chili too.

Pajnstl said...

Happy Birthday!!!

*that's a really nice thing to do @ letter writing. Hopefully it's something they continue with their kids