Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Buying Textbooks

Now, I am not new to the college game. I know books cost but DAMN!!!!!! I went searching online to get a better price, I mean that is what I normally do, but some people are crazy. Now, one of my books cost 133.00 new. So I run across this glowing description on Bamazon:

Most Content Pages Missing;Some Bent Pages;Frayed Corners/Bent Cover.

Missing pages and then some. So if your like me you would think this book would be WAY cheaper. Well, like me your ass would be wrong. They want $124.00 - Hell for $9 dollars more you can have a fresh book.

ARE YOU KIDDING - THE BOOK IS MESSED UP - missing pages dude!!

I just had to share.


cici said...

folks are crazzy..they all have their hands out. ps.. I will have to try the green beans next time.8)

Christie said...

You know good and well that someone will buy that book and spend the $9 on beer.

Pajnstl said...

ughhhh i dont want to talk about textbooks... my pockets are achy right now

Sheila said...

After dd told us how much her books would cost this semester... I told her dh and I need to start doing some lap dances...lol

blackstar said...

omg - I ordered a book off of amazon for class (law student here) I was reading a case and the next thing I know i'm reading a case 100 pages into the book. Yes the book was missing 100 pages! I feel your pain!