Monday, August 11, 2008

Talking Poster,, and Knit news

Did I tell you gals, I stopped drinking coffee? Yup, sure did…..until today.

I was up so late because I HAD to watch Mr. Michael (his body is sick) last night and Cullen Jones and guess what I am so happy I did. My husband was ready to kill me but whatever. I was all over the place.

TAKE THAT FRENCHIE!!!! Not because your from France, but your swimming should have done the talking for you!! Ha!! I am not going to lie, I thought they were not going to let Cullen race, when I heard them say that they had to pick who will still run AFTER they broke the record in the semi’s I was like – oh, hell, he is about to get robbed. But, they did the right thing, he earned that spot. Go U.S., Go U.S. Ya’ll know we are a sports family – minus the two oldest, however Anger Management has really been into the games. Oh, and how come the U.S.A has to keep going against China? I am tired of them. Damn. I was even proud of my Prez yesterday, he sounded like one when he was talking with Bob (asshole) Costas.

Moving on. The weather in D.C. is gorgeous, has been for a couple of days now. I do not know what this mean, but I am scared of what is to come.

Friday, went to a Happy Hour with my two favorite coworkers – had a great time, got our favorite drinks (Stoli & Cranberry) AND the waitress hooked us up, it was not Happy Hour yet, but she gave us the special price. We went to the old dive (Post Pub). Fun times, however I have to tell you gals something. How come, I went to the bathroom and almost pee on myself. Why you ask? Damn, did she drink too much? Well, I was wondering the same damn thing. I did the squat our mom’s taught us when your out in public using the restroom and all of a sudden I hear talking. WHAT IN THE HELL?!! People, this is a single bathroom. Only I am in here – kay. Then I realized.......

it was the damn poster on the wall. What type of shit is that!! I am so sick of advertisement, you can’t run from the damn things. And whose bright idea was it to put a talking poster in a bar!!!! Why in the hell would you have that shit in a bar? I know people have been messed up behind that one.

So after sobering up on the metro, Mr. Conservative picked me up and we went out for Sushi!! We had a ball, I love spending time with him. Except when he looked me in the eyes and was like – how many drinks did you have? He is not my father. We did not leave the kids out, we took them out to eat Sunday.

Knit News

I started my first hat on circulars and luv it. I feel like this is my first hat since, the other hat I made was made on straight needles and then I seamed up the sides. I must say this hat has made me very frustrated, but it was not the pattern or the hats fault it was all knitter error. I had dyslexia or something yesterday because I was not reading the pattern right. I think I started over 4 or 5 times which makes no since, because it is a cookie cutter pattern (my how I have grown as a knitter – look at me calling something cookie cutter).

Oh and Anger Management has got her knitting mojo back as well, let’s see if she finish something, that has always been her problem. She is knitting mittens now on dpn’s. She completed one bootie and stopped because the ladies at her job are trying to sign her up to knit and she is not having it (so much like her mom), so instead of saying no, she no longer bring her project to work. You know what I told her to do, but she thinks I am mean – oh well, let other’s dictate your life then.

Did I tell you I taught my niece how to knit while she was here and her oldest brother, the 13 year old asked me to teach him?

What did you and your family get into?


Amanda said...

I totally loved that 4X100 men's relay win! I was freaking out as well!

That talking poster is too funny, just one more reason I drink at home instead of in bars...

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

A talking poster, that just ain't right. -- You actually stopped drinking coffee !? What about the withdrawal ? Are you okay ?

Sheila said...

Knowing me I would've freaked out and ran out of the stall with my draws down and all after the poster

I'm jealous, I have yet to learn how to knit a hat on circulars, I've been doing the seaming up the back gig.

As for my weekend I was playing hostess with the mostest to Mister (a/k/a dh) who messed up his back and leg, trying to be hercules lifting a construction ladder ....ugggh. Now he's limping bent over and calling my name every couple of seconds.

Pajnstl said...

OK why am i laughing MY ASS OFF at you and the talking poster. I know you were scared as hell!

We did karoake saturday. I sang... it was funny!

i gotta email you too

Anonymous said...

A talking poster?? OMG, I would've run out of there.

And oooooooh, Michael Phelps is IT.

KnitFloozy said...

a talking poster? LOL not in the bathroom....