Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moderne Log Blanket & Ene's Scarf

Moderne Log Blanket (Yes it is spelled right)

The Modenre Log Blanket for College Boy has been kicked to the curb. I love the pattern. Well, I do not know if I should say love with all that damn garter stitch on size 6 needles. I will say I like the FINISHED blankets I have seen. The yarn I chose to knit the blanket with is Knitpick Swish Superwash. It was chosen because it is machine washable – remember this is for College Boy, he will be 19 in two days (insane). Do not want crazy mystery smell in the house.

The yarn is not doing it for me. It seems too thin, airy like. Me no likey. His room is on the first floor and it gets ICE COLD. Which is crazy to me because it is not a basement (growing up we had a basement and it froze us), first floor is not underground. Yes, I know temperature rises, but still. Anywho, pattern and yarn does not mix, so I need to find out what I am going to do with 9 balls of Superwash in different shades of blue. It should not take me too long, the kids’ favorite color is blue, I am thinking of a scarf for Anger Mgmt. Look at me growing up in the knit world, I so would have knit this thing in the beginning because I wanted a FO even if I did not like it, all because I have to prove to my self I can finish what I start. The Hell with that, after Starsky, no sir, I know when to say uncle.

Ene’s Scarf is back!

Yes, the little seductress kept calling my name and I just had to answer. I was so ready to feel her up again, but did not feel like doing the 375 double stranded knitted cast-on. She is a looker. Man she kept batting her eyes and eyeballing me. Finally, I said you know what, its on like butter popcorn. I got the Addi’s and the Blackberry Ridge Yarn, and told her to back that thang up! This is my third try, so her ass better put out or she is out. I want all the YO and Slip Stitch, Knit Two Together and Then Slip Stitch Over Love – WHAT!! O-KAY-KAY-KAY (in my best Little John voice).

I am ready – ya heard!!! (um, can you tell?)

I am on chart 1, row 9 yeah me!


cici said...

it's going to be beautiful. You go you pro, wit your bad self!

Christie said...

You are silly.

Pajnstl said...

lol@ crazy mystery smell!

Carmell said...

gurl i did that blanket but the baby version... HATED IT!!! i love the blankets i've seen too but i cannot do it... if i do ever attempt it again i think i will just knit it up separately and then sew it together... but it won't be anytime soon!!!!

Lisa said...

Shoot - Ene betters behave or she'll get a good... knitting! LOL! Third times a charm!