Friday, August 22, 2008

Hookie & Jealousy

Got up to go to work yesterday and was not feeling it. My mom and daughter was walking with me to the metro because they were going to spend a grip to get their hair braided and I was the unlucky one going to work.

WELL, that changed. Got on the bus and my phone rang, I was by the Capitol (beautiful up close). Anywho, see it’s Mr. Conservative, so I answer.

Me: (whispering, I hate talking on the bus) Hello?
Mr. Conservative: What’s up? Did you leave for work yet?
Me: Yes (why you clocking my time and I left out late, so dumb question - see my mindset - don't judge me).
Mr. C: Oh, damn, I was hoping to catch you, I am leaving work right now (unexpected), so I was going to tell you to stay home.
Me: Um, I am right up the street from you at the Capitol, I CAN GET OFF THE BUS.
Mr. C: Get off the damn bus, I am turning around and on my way.
Me: Cool
Me: I ring the bell to get off. Why the lady sitting next to me act like she did not see me ring the bell and did not move? UM, EXCUSE ME. (why she suck her teeth). Whatever, do not care today.
Mr. C: Scoops me up and we hang out and um, yeah we hung out.

Oh, did I tell you my mom have been over my house for a week? I cannot have relations why her ass is in the house. SO, daddy put in some work. THANK GOODNESS FOR CELL PHONES other than that I hate them.

I did not knit yesterday at all. Why? Wanted the husband to know he was Numero Uno in my life. Why? Because he is jealous of my craft, can not believe it but it is true. How do I know?

Clue #1: In the car on the way to the Wine Festival, I am looking around for my knitting and said out loud.

Me: Damn, I left my knitting on the couch.
Mr. C: Good
Me: What?
Mr. C: I said, good. I am tired of you with that damn yarn every where.
Girlfriend: Dying laughing.
Me. (smirking because it is cute): Boy please, I guess I have to talk to you two. I was trying to avoid that.

Clue #2: We were going to eat.
Me: I guess, I can leave this (my project) in the car.
Mr. C: Please.
Me: Hold up, that is the second time you said something about my yarn. I ain't mad at football.
Mr. C: Yeah, because you like football and you love that yarn more than you love me. I talk to you and you don't listen, you just keep knitting with your head down. (I do not have to look at you to HEAR you, you only need my ears, not my eyes.)
Me: What, boy stop. You know that yarn can't do me like you do.
Mr. C: Whatever (smiling).

Best part. He is recognizing that I like to knit and he also, commented on my CPH about how nice it is AND he has picked out a project he wants me to knit. I am loving it because I believe he thought it would be a passing fancy and it is not.


Christie said...

How funny is that. He wanted a little you time. ;)

Nik said...


I believe that I would have gotten off the bus too.

Pajnstl said...

Soooo... What did you and Mr. C do? hehehe (i know you calling me a bad name right now)

Glad he caught you before you were too far gone ;)

AND CTFU at Mr. C's comments... Why does that sound like Ian, but replace knitting with yarn!!!! lol

have a good weekend

Virtuous said...

Gurl I would keep my cell on and charged up at ALL TIMES! Haha!!!! :oD

Too cute @ he jelly of the yarn ;op

Anonymous said...

Hee hee, jealous of some yarn. But it looks like he's slowly coming around. Thank goodness!