Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blessings: What a difference a year makes...

I am truly blessed. Last year around this time, I went on a much needed vacation to the mountains with the husband and we stayed at Wintergreen Resorts a beautiful place (so much so we went back for hubby bday). We enjoyed ourselves (**blushing, smiling** oh boy!)...until we got home. The condo was flooded and we couldn't stay there because the floor needed to be replaced and there were other problems (drama). Our landlord was okay, he assured us that he will fix everything and all that, we had to throw away our dining room table and chairs, sofa and more items that could be replaced. It took a month to get the floor and other items fixed - why - because the landlord is cheap and he wanted to do it his self.

We moved in with the MIL and to be honest we had a damn good time, but during this time I felt soooo very out of control. She loved the company because she just lost her husband a year ago so she was happy to have movement in the house. Again, we had space, food and good company however, it was not home. I couldn't walk around buttnaked, and I damn sure was not going to do the do in her house (a sistah was seriously stressed).

I went from having a romantic weekend to my life being turned upside down. Literally. Thanks goodness we have been planning to buy our first home for a couple years and we were waiting until January 2007 to start looking for homes. We figured the market would go back to being a buyers market by than. Well, we had to move that plan up, because there was no way I was NOT going to have control over my life again.

Also, during this time we did not have a car. Since we live in the city we did not need one, we used public transportation and if we went out of the city (always) we used his uncle and aunt's car who lived in the houses across from us, about a block away (thank goodness for family). So, we were not in a rush to own one. Well, guess what? We needed a car now because his mom lived in Maryland and it was too far for us to use public transportation, it would have taken too long to take the kids to their summer camp, and going to work. We sprent crazy money on renting cars, except when I got deals (thanks Priceline). We couldn't use credit during this time because we were trying to get the house.

I am thankful that we had a place to lay our heads and for family. Believe it or not I am also thankful for the experience because I would have waited and may have missed out on our home.

Anyway, one year later. We have our home and our car !!! I (we) are truly blessed.


PAJNSTL said...

Congratulations on your home and car!!! Nothing like having your OWN!

(thanks for the b-day wishes :))

Virtuous said...

Definitely blessed!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, blessed indeed! So many people complain about stuff all the time, but how many others are out there needing a car or a roof over their heads? Or clean water or a meal to eat?? That's why we should just be thankful. Good for you!

Adrienne said...

Yes you are blessed!

Lisa said...

Definitely blessed! It's so good when family is there for you especially when you need them!