Thursday, November 12, 2009

A job is a job is a jobbie job.

I have been on vacation since October30th 2009. Today is my first day back to work. Why do it seem like I never left? Could it be the numerous phone calls while I was away? Let’s see.

Monday I didn’t receive any phone calls. It was awesome and Mr. Conservative and I hung out. MUCH NEEDED. Tell you about that later.

Tuesday, Mr. Conservative and I go shopping and are having lunch when my cellphone starts ringing. He tells me not to answer it but I could not help it because it is Shorty by Nature (the man who pays me) and I do need my damn job. Now, I know when your on vacation the phone may ring. BUT NOT FOR STUPID STUFF and what he wanted was stupid and could wait.

Wednesday, Shorty by Nature get someone else to call me and then she asked me would I be by my email. Um, NO not checking. So Shorty by Nature proceeds to blow up my phone even, WHILE I am in class. Remember I get out at 8:30. Um, yeah. Call the office back and I told him I would come to the office either late at night or early (before he gets to work) in the morning and do a favor for him. He said oh if you come later, I can come in with you – NOPE. I ain’t dumb you will give me more crapola to do.

Thursday at 5:30AM go to work and find not one that I am stupid because he STILL left me five different things to do which was NOT the one thing he requested and I was doing a favor for. Can you say WTF.

Friday, Monday, no call and if I got one was not going to answer.

Tuesday, another phone call. I did not answer nor did I call them back I figured it could wait until TODAY and it could. However, I did work. I had to do the payroll and you know I was NOT gonna skip that a sista gotta get paid ya dig!

So, I count three vacation, 1 holiday, 4 weekend days and 4 work days.

Again, I am thankful for my job, but I wonder if I can make a rule like the one we give our kids. You know the rule. Don’t come crying to me unless your bleeding or you broke something. I was two seconds from telling their ass that……….but then I remember my mortgage, how I like to eat three times a day and taking a shower is really nice.


cici said...

LOL I know that's right.. But come on,, if you on vacation... that means no work period!

Christie said...

Geez...he just totally crossed over the vacation boundary. Bad boss!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow, the nerve of dat guy ! I wonder what would have happened if you had let your husband answer the phone each time. Geeze ! You were on vacation !!!