Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Conversation with Urb

Background: Home feeling bored and my mother was depressed about friendship woes **TIMEOUT** you seriously mean to tell me that you can still have friendship problems in your 50’s? ridamndiculous!!** So we decided to go downtown on the mall - museum. 1) it’s free and 2) my mom lives right down the street and she can’t get lost on metro – 2 years she is back and still don’t know how to use (read) Metro.

I thought of a question to ask my mother and said nah, leave it alone it’s crazy and then forgot to ask her.

We meet at the metro station and was about to go in the museum when I remembered and whispered to my mother……………

Urban: Mommy you don’t have your knife or anything on you do you?
Ma Dukes: Yes, Why?

This crazy ass woman (I know she is my mother saying in a lovely way) has a damn knife on her and don’t see a problem!!! Where downtown by and dem house.

Urban: I knew I should have asked you before we left. You know you can’t bring that in there.

She begins to take it out of her bag! So I begin to tackle her ass and make her get OUT of the line. Yes we were that close to getting tackled.

Urban: Mommy! What are you doing? Wait..

So we start walking and I was hoping she would throw it in the trash or something. SHIT! Not my gangsta momma. She took it and hid it in the plants while I pleaded with her that they probably have cameras on the outside of the building and they probably will see her. Yes I was scared as shit but she sure the hell wasn’t. See this is why I don’t do stuff because I will get caught. When we went back in line I just knew they would zap us or something. I go through no problem, but her machine goes off, but of course she looks all sweet and innocent and they let her by. I tell you my mother is a trip. She don’t think she did anything wrong. She is a trip, my mother swears someone is out to get her and has to be ready just in case. I keep asking her what will she do to them because she had to dig in that bag to get the knife and by the time she did all that they would have already hit her ass over the head.

More conversation with Mom and pictures from the museum to come.


Sheila said...

LoL @ gangster mom.

cici said...

LoL... well did you enjoy the museum??

Christie said...

I KNOW your mama went back for her knife afterwards...GANGSTA!!!

Knitaholictoo said...

Oh my goodness...your mother is sooo funny. LMBO

Adrienne said...


Anonymous said...

Oh wooow. I can't stop laughing long enough to think of anything encouraging. Whoever out to get your mom probably won't think she ready for em. They gone get stuck.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

A blade and a museum ! Who ever thought those two would come together !!! Funny, funny, funny !