Monday, November 19, 2007

WMATA Corner

Let me just start off by saying, I will not discuss the knit pattern traitor Starsky, because that is what she/it would want me to do. As my mom use to say – It ain’t happening captain!!

WMATA is back!!! WMATA (we call it metro) is the name of the bus/train system in D.C. and in this corner I will discuss my trials and tribulations while journeying on this contraption with my son the 9 year old (did you see that, he turned 9 two weeks ago).

I ask you – why do people discuss personal information on cell phone or with people loudly? I just do not get it. My husband or any body call me, I will answer and say is it important, I am on the bus, I will call you back. But some people, I just don’t get it.

Friday I dropped the little one off at school and get back on the bus to go to work. We make a stop and pick up three of the loudest broads.

Conversation went like this:

Loud Ass #1: So, where are you going to the metro?
Loud Ass #2: Yeah, I am getting on the metro but I have to stop at the court building first – where you going, you want to go with me?
Loud Ass #1: Naw, I have an appointment, why you going to the courts?
Loud Ass #2: Girl, I am going down there to get my damn divorce. I am going in there fill out some papers and get rid of this tired ass nickel.
Loud Ass #1: I hear you, its that simple huh?
Loud Ass #2: Yessir!! All you have to do is get the papers, fill it out, have the postman send it out certified and pay your $80.00. I ain’t playing with his ass I should have been did this shit a long time ago.
Loud Ass #1: Dang, I need to do mines too. I went to Virginia, they were trying to get me to pay $300 dollars, and I did not have it.

What the hell, why are you all loud talking about this on the bus and LOUD. Well, if your nickel is getting on your nerves and a divorce is what you seek - it is cheaper to obtain in DC than VA.

Next idiot in training:

Young girl is cursing on the bus (as usual – I swear the girls are worst then the boys) and said some girl tried to hit on her and she told her “honey I am all about the dick no twat.” She said this loud on the bus early in the freaking A.M. and was talking about her birth control pills.

Then she said her boyfriend got on her nerves, she is tired of his ass and told him fuck you (she said it like 4 times and her friend egged her on) and don’t call me no more. Then she said the boyfriend called her at 11:44 at night (no, I was not eaves dropping – she wanted everyone to hear) and talked to him until 12:30. The next morning, she got up tired (no shit Sherlock) and asked her mother if she could stay home from school and her mother said no. She said, but ma I’m tired and her mother said, so am I and I have to go to work, so you will go to school. Good advice, now if her mother would incorporate a little whip ass, her daughter wouldn’t be on the bus acting like Lil’ Kim or a menace to my ears.

Society is getting on my nerves with these kids – can you tell?


Sheila said...

Unfortunately, I ride the train with a bunch of middle school & high school kids and gurl!! If you could get a glimpse of my ears.. you'd see singe marks on them. The nonsensical b/s they spew is a down-right shame.

PAJNSTL said...

roflmao @ honey i'm all about dick!!!
Too much!!!

Anonymous said...

SMDH...I just WISH one of mine would do that. I'd be under the jail, LOL.