Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mr. Stefon and his letter to me

Mr. Stefon, Mr. Stefon. I do not know what to do with him. I love that boy dearly and he expresses his feelings like me (and my mother) through writing. Some times when I get on him he will write me a letter saying he is sorry and he loves me. WELL. Here is the new one.

Background: The kids have been in school for more than a month. He wears a uniform and he just cannot get it together. He will forget his belt, deodorant, brush his hair, something. So I snapped.

Me: (Standing at the bus stop) Why is your pants looking like that? Where is your belt?
Mr. Stefon: I don’t know
Me: Your punished for two days, no t.v., I am sick of talking to you about that. You have to do better.
Me: (Getting off the bus) I can see your drawers, you have on blue undies with black writing.
Mr. Stefon: mumbled something, I didn’t quite catch it.
Me: I’m serious, don’t let me find out you were watching t.v. while I was at school. I want your homework on the table so I can check it when I get in.
Mr. Stefon: I know (I hate when he says that), it will be on the table.
Me: Have a good day
Mr. Stefon: Rolled his little eyes and didn’t say nothing to his lovely momma.

So, I get home after taking my mid-term which I was studying until 2 in the damn morning – so, of course my mind was fried.

I grab a damn Corona (yes damn it! I earned it….I think) and head over to the table to look at his homework.

Well, I see this essay or something and I begin to read it and it was about not having T.V. privilege. I showed the husband and he said – Don’t fall for the banana in the tail pipe! Whatever!!!

Here is the letter with the title, No TV for 2 days!

I think I should have privilege to watch t.v. because I respect my elders at school for 4 hrs. I love school, as much as video games, comics, water, and fruit. For a couple of times I just want a privilege to do everything in my house. Most of the time barely not in trouble at home and on the bus. If I have no TV I’ll feel like I’m trapped or slaved. I know television is not good for my but at least a privilege.

Before, I dissect this letter, I will give Mr. Stefon some props for taking the initiative to write me a letter stating his feelings. Gotta love him.

First - the boy is in school for more than 4 hours, so what does he do the other 4hours, curse at them, not listen?
Second – he does not like school more than no damn video game and comics or water and fruit, if he said vegetables, than yeah.
Third – I did not know it was his house, his lease is almost up.
Fourth – Did he say barely not in trouble @ home???? I have a post I so need to write. I am pretty sure Anger Mgmt will not agree about the bus, she is always complaining about picking him up.
Fifth – Did he say slaved?
Sixth – My biggest problem………Did he mention the belt? What he will try and do in the future? Something for me to release him from punishment?

This is too funny, I will be holding on to this letter like the rest to show his bad ass kids, when he try and chastise them for the wrongs I KNOW their ass will be doing. Oh and by this letter, was his birthday list that amounts to $1,000 of dollars. Boy please.

This morning

Mr. Stefon: Did you look at my homework?
Me: Nope (he just want to know if I saw his letter)
Mr. Stefon: I thought you said you was going to look at my work.
Me: I was sweetie but mommy was tired, where is it?
MS: He give me the work and try to quickly pass me the letter.
Me: Is this your homework?
MS: No, just read it, I wrote it for you.
Me: I said, oh well I will read it later.

I know your saying, why you just ain’t tell that boy you read it. Well, I didn’t because that boy is spoiled!! I always sell wolf tickets (as my husband say) and tell them damn kids they will be on punishment and never follow through, well got dang it, he is serving his two days and I will respond to his letter. It is never a dull moment with that boy, I guess God saw fit to break up the boredom with the oldest two.


NikkiJ said...

I don't know, Urban. For some reason I can feel your pain, yet I am soooo in love with Stephon right now. He sounds so sweet. Let him watch T.V. He's learned his lesson. He won't forget his morning routine anymore, I promise.


Knitaholictoo said...

LoL! oh laaawd, this is where I'm headin'!

Pajnstl said...


I am over her DYING LAUGHING!