Thursday, October 02, 2008


Life broke opened a can of major whip ass and my name is the first on the list.

What it do yarny folks? Man, oh man, I miss you gals (guys?). Here’s what your friendly neighborhood blogger been up to:

Stress – I actually been holding it at bay by exercising. Yes got damn it, you read that right. I started exercising in the middle of August BEFORE school started. I figured I would be stressed out and did not want the people around me to think I was a cold B-I-T-C-H, so I started Tae Bo (again, for the three millionth time) and I like the original VHS one better, and I use my DVD one for weights (2 lb weights are a killer). I am not going to lie, a sistah was in straight pain the first week, but now I look forward to it. Especially since, I get to drop kick professors, classmates, husbands and coworkers (of course while tae boing an imagination is a beautiful thing). I have lost something, but I do not know what (I do not get on a scale – too negative for me). However, I have been able to fit in jeans I have not worn in 5 years and some dress pants I bought 3 years ago and never wore.

School - started for everyone in the house. I am love/hating it because I do not like slow people. If you are medically diagnosed with a disease then fine. Nevertheless, I swear people just do not think and guess who is on their team. Yup that would be me. I am an excellent team player, however, I DESPISE being on a team. I have asked the Lord to work with me in this area, because I am slam calling these educated people stupid. DAYHUM. More on their stupidity later.

Oh and bragging about my professor not giving us any exams in my Labor Relations class went out the window. The department told him that he could not put a lot of pressure on folks. He had our papers valued at 50% of the grade; people failed his class before because they for whatever reason did not turn in a paper. UM, the Department needs to mind their own business!! These are grown ass folks in Grad school, they better man up and do their papers. So, he moved on and said it will be open book exam that we can take home. Sweet, I can study more in my other class. UM, wrong Urban. Why? This man came to us yesterday and said there will be no open book or take home because something happened. OMG, now I have to study very hard for his class, because I have been playing and giving all my attention to my other class (which I have a mid-term exam on Monday w/an ethical question). Killing me softly.

Knitting – I have my mojo, however, I just do not have time and it sucks monkey balls, because I really want to knit Ene so dang on bad. I hope that after studying this weekend I can pick it up next week. I will take a picture, I stopped on chart 3.

Family – So many bdays this month – Nephew – September 11th, Mommy – September 19th, Niece – September 24th, Husband – September 28 (and I threw him a big ass party! DRAMA) – separate post. Nephew tomorrow, and many more this month. Were all good I guess, Mr. Stefon is not feeling me in school and he told me so AGAIN this morning. OH – we painted the house!!! Finally, well that is another post and me and my mommy is talking again, and she might get that #1 spot back, but um, she is on a 1 year probation with me right now! One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world is fleeing the state and moving to N.C. I do not know what I am going to do without her she has been in my life for 20 years, but she has to do what she has to do - another post.

Work – I have learned to re-like my job. How? Well, I am trying to act like its’ a new job. My coworkers are not bad people, hell it is only a couple of us. It has been working, until today. I broke one rule. Blogging. I have not posted because I am trying not to blog at work, but I missed you all so much. I have been following you and will get better and get on the computer at home.



Christie said...

Wow. This is like one of those Christmas cards that have family updates. I feel so caught up now!

Chelette said...

Girl, you have been busy, thanks for the update. We missed you!

Virtuous said...

Oooh you were on my mind YESTERDAY!!!
So glad you peeked out and let us know what is going on with you!

All busy but good things!!! Yay!

Work it out @ school
LOL @ probation
Where in NC?!?! @ best friend
Great perspective @ old job looking new

I missed you too!!

Kamika said...

Wow, we are so on the same page! I'm starting my beat'em up routine tomorrow. My family's birthdays rule the month of October, I'm dying to knit something but don't know what, and I'm starting to like my job too!

Let's just hold hands! LOL

cici said...

Thanks for the update, sounds like we have lots of future post to come. Welcome back!

Pajnstl said...


I'm going to find me some stress relief in the bottom of a bottle tonight :)