Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My father called me.

I never listen to my answering machine. My house phone is around because it is older than Mr. Stefon, so I keep it for sentimental reasons.

If you want me you should call my cell phone most people knows this. However, some that know are just plain crazy. Meaning, my uncle and sister who continue calling my home number and wonder why I do not return their call. IDIOTS call my cell.

One morning I was dressed early so I decided to check my answering service and the very last phone call was from my father. Yup, you heard me, my father.

So, I waited until I got off work to call him, because I didn’t want to call him from my cell phone number. He has my cell phone number but do not remember it and I want to keep it that way. He will keep me on the phone for hours and do not understand it when you tell him I’m at work.

Anywho, during the conversation my father told me my grandmother was in a nursing home. I told him I wanted information on where she was so I could visit her. Although, I really do not have “feelings” for him, I do have “feelings” for her.

Earlier in the day when I spoke to my mother, I told her my father called and she told me she wanted his phone number. If you all remember, I told you before they both always ask for each other’s number and I always cock block. Which was easy to do in the past because my mother was in Georgia and my father was here in the city.

While I was talking to my dad I told him my mother wanted his phone number and was it okay for me to give it her and he said sure. Later, when I spoke to my mother, I told her about my grandmother and she told me she wanted to see my grandmother. I gave her my fathers number.

A couple days later I am at home chilling watching t.v. and my mother calls me and is laughing like she is 16.

Ma Dukes: Someone wants to speak to you.
Urban: No!!!!! (my mother has a habit of putting people on the damn phone)
Father: Hey
Urban: Hello?
Father: Hey babygirl.
Urban: Oh, hi.
Father: Yeah, I am here with your mother. Do you have a problem with that?
Urban: WHAT?
Father: Yeah you don’t have a problem with us hanging out do you.
Urban: (throw up a little bit in my mouth) I am busy, tell my mother to call me back later. Bye.

WHAT THE FUCK!!! Dude leave me a lone.


Adrienne said...

LOL@ Throw up in your mouth lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, they done got back together. LOL. At least you ASK before giving out phone numbers, unlike my stupid sister in law. Ask me how I know.