Wednesday, May 05, 2010

They Got Dealt With

My daughter softball team kicked booty yesterday!!

I was so proud of the ladies because the other team called them out. Evidently, if your the number one team, you can go downtown and request to play a team.

They thought we would be caught slipping. Our team has been champions the past couple of years and majority of the seniors graduated.

WELL, they got dealt with!! We opened up a can of whip ass and gave them their first lost of the season. It was such a good game. The bats where popping and the ladies were catching balls, and hustling after every ball, which I was happy to see because sometimes, just sometims... Yeah. Anyway,freaking awesome.

Who dat, who dat, who dat, who....!!!


Today, I took off work to go and see Mr. Stefon play Rugby. I have been working, school and everything and have missed out. So I need to get back on track.....Sunday is Mother's Day. I need to get back in the running for Mother of the Year some how. Don't judge me...


cici said...

I am enjoying my granddaughter's softball games this year. She had been doing pretty good. Go Tigers!

Sheila said...

Yeah!!! for the Tigers... lol @ a can of whip ass.

Anonymous said...

Awww, you took off to see your son play rugby, good for you! You're in the running for Mom of the Year, don't worry :-)