Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Mr. Stefon: Lucky as h.ell Part 2

Saturday, the family decided to go to I.Hop for breakfast. We had a great time. When we got back I chilled on the sofa because I had the itis which is unusual for me because I am not a big breakfast eater.

Mr. Conservative goes upstairs and starts yelling. Boy I told you to stop leaving this crap laying around I just stepped on it.

Mr. Stefon comes flying down the stairs with a BIG ASS GRIN on his face holding the I.po.d To.uch. Cheesing like a mofo. I mean this boy is super excited. He then said, mommy you know what let me go see something. Goes back upstairs and low and behold he has the dang phone too. I swear.

I am so happy and relieved he found it because I was so touched by his little crying face that I was trying to find a reason to buy him a new one without rewarding him somehow. Didn't figure that one out and thank goodness I won't have to.

My girlfriend wish I would have told Mr. Conservative so we could have kept it a little longer to teach him a lesson. I told her if he didn't learn from this scare he never will. Plus, he is still a kid he will lose plenty more.

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Sheila said...

I'm glad he found it. I can visualize the crying face. My daughter lost her phone and she was a hot mess. Kept talking about the darn thing like it was a human being....yeah :O