Tuesday, July 20, 2010

G.O.D is good!

All the time!!

Yes! yes ya'll. How ya'll doing? Man oh man if you know the year I had!! If someone would have told me I would be living the life I am living now I would say maybe not because I have been through so, so , SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much this past year which we will get into much later. Sorry I haven't written but I am trying to be a good employee by not blogging at work. Kinda hard for me anyway being in a place that I am sure have a tracking damn device on my computer. Okay, I said I will talk about that later.

Anywho. I had a meeting this past Friday and I presented and did a great job. After the meeting I went back to the office and went to the bank to cash my check (I can't get direct deposit for 90 days WTF). Wait, let me back track. I went to my coworker office and was talking with him. Left his office went back to my office and saw my money on the floor. How the heck that happen? I pick up my money and put it in my pants pocket grab my ATM card (from another bank), my id and my money and put it. Go to the bank downstairs deposit my money and leave. As I am walking back to my job. This dude in a truck is blowing the horn at me and I am like "child bye" and keep it moving. I go to the store and get a soda. Go in my pocket. I have only my ID. No money and no ATM card. I go running out the store to go back to the bank to see if I left my money in the bank. As I walk (sprint) towards the bank the guy in the truck walks up to me and says, "here is your money, that is why I was blowing my horn." I thanked him and asked him did he see my atm card and he said no. So, I go back to the bank and I am wondering should I butt in line or just wait my turn. A worker came up to me and asked me if she could help and I told her I wanted to speak to the gentleman and ask him did I leave my card up there by him, it will not be from their bank. Right after I made that statement, a guy comes in the bank looks at me and says, "did anyone lose their atm card." I scream out ME!! I go and get it and he says, "it was laying on the ground. I heard you talking to the guy and I picked it up and bought it in here." I offered to buy him lunch or to give him money and he would not hear of it. Note to self, them pants pockets are not deep enough and bring your purse next time instead of trying to be fast!!!

I felt like I was on cloud nine Friday. Still do actually, because I made a couple poems a couple months ago when I asked God "why me" I might post it like I meant to do, but since I don't feel the same way (for now) who knows.

It's amazing, because my thoughts about humanity early in the day was really negative and at the end of the day I have a different perspective because of this.

All I could think about was G.O.D is good. Not one stranger but two strangers, of different races gave me back possessions when they could have taken it and done what they want with it.

Anywho, maybe this might change your mind about humanity a little bit, or shall I say, give a little hope to a better place/world.

BTW, I lost my phone early in the week and got that back too. Clumsy and forgetful the past week for whatever reason, but thank goodness for those Angels or whatever you want to call it.


Cas... said...

Sounds like a "Pay It Forward" kind of day.

Be Encouraged!

Sheila said...

G.O.D is definitely good and sincerely believe there is good in this world... just a matter of being in the right place and right minded people.

Anonymous said...

Dear G.O.D., please bless Urbanknitrix with a purse that she WANTS to carry everywhere she goes, Amen.