Thursday, July 08, 2010

Money cannot buy happiness!!!!

Money can not buy happiness. Whoever said that ain’t never lied. I made a statement on this blog and with my family and friends that if I didn’t find a job in my field by the time I graduate from school I would take a price cut if I had to. to get into my field. Yeah right!! Easier said then done. I figured I would chill and take my time while I searched for the perfect job. WRONG! I was not trying to live without that money.

Well, when people work your everlasting nerves you do what you have to do. I spoke to my family and friends and they thought I was crazy and just needed a vacation. It got to the point where I was moping at home. I spoke to my husband and he said we will make it as we always do. He knew I was unhappy. Gotta love him.

So, my real search began. No more just sending out a couple here or there and no more just waiting for the right job.

What bought this on you asked? My relationship with my boss went straight down hill. I couldn’t tolerate him any more. He wasn’t doing anything different really when I look back on it except for the fact that he raised his voice at me twice and even though he does this with other folks sometimes it was not going to happen to me. The first time. I looked at him and told him, um, it seems like you need some time by yourself to gather yourself because I KNOW your not talking to me, buzz me when your ready. WTF.

The second time, we had a serious blown up fight. I mean, he came in my office and then started talking smack to me in MY office and of course I am sitting down and he is standing over top of me! Ur, that’s a big NO Ma’am. I’m not the one and then he closed the door. Um, okay are you sure your ready for what’s gonna happen when that door closes. We went at it like we were crazy. Then at the end he tried to be my friend. Don’t talk to my like your crazy and then try and apologize and expect for me to still be your friend, No bro it doesn’t work that way.

Well, let me tell you something. Urban might smile, and say she forgive when you give a stank ass, half apology, but she don’t forget shizznit. I know for a fact that apology was garbage so I gave him one of my special letters the next day. You know I love my letters. He didn’t see it coming at all and we had another meeting where he apologized again, but for me the relationship was DONE!!

Anywho, as I told my mother and friends who didn’t believe me when I told them I would take less money if the right thing came along. There is nothing like PEACE or HAPPINESS. They told me I was being emotional and that I had a good job (um what?) and that I just need a vacation. I know/knew what I need and I now have it.

I don’t miss one red cent…….yet. I do miss my benefits, this job is cheap as hell, but is expensive with knowledge. I can’t wait to start telling you about this job. It’s two kinds of crazy but I love it to pieces.

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