Tuesday, July 06, 2010

If your happy and you know it clap your hands

Hey ya’ll. How the heck are you? I guess the only way to get back into this blog thing is to just get back into it.

I am so happy right now. This passed year has been so crazy. I had so many ups and downs that it is not even funny. There were times when I really thought I was losing my damn mind. I am so happy to be in a better place. I have a new job that I love and I passed my certification this week so I now have my letters behind my name. I guess I really shouldn't’t expect for you to know exactly what I am talking about since I have not written in a while. I took my Professional Human Resource (PHR) exam this past Tuesday and felt like I suffered three heart attacks while doing so. I almost cried during the exam because I felt like I didn’t remember anything at all but when I hit the last button and it said congratulations I had to ask the warden, I mean testing assistant to look at my screen and if it was real. Sounds crazy, but I was numb after four hours. She said, yes lady you passed be happy!

Now I can get back to living my life, no more studying right now. I can finally read, go to the movies or something. At least enjoy the rest of the summer before school starts again.

I have so many crazy stories to tell you.

My fourth of July was crazy. As usual we had everyone over and this year that totaled over fifty people in a teeny, tiny yard, but hey, family, friends, vittles, and spirits are always awesome together. Enough about me. How was your fourth?

Um, its 4 in the morning and after 4th of July. Why are folks still lighting fireworks? I mean seriously at 4! GTFOH. Oh well I guess I better get ready for work.


patrice said...

Congratulations! On your new gig and passing your certification exam

KnitFloozy said...

Congratulations all around! The 4th was firework filled and fun! I can't wait to hear your stories! They are always sooo entertaining!

Sheila said...

Congratulations!!! lol @ ask the warden... oops I mean testing assistant.

My 4th was quiet and enjoyed every minute of it.. my family was out of town...woohoo!