Friday, January 04, 2008

Family Traditions

Happy Friday!!! I thought this day would never come (says the girl who went back to work Wednesday).

My daughter - Anger Management turned 14 yesterday. I am getting old!!!

I have one family tradition that I do with my kids. On their birthdays, I write a letter to them. Like an evaluation. I write how lovely they are, what they are doing right and then, I also write what I think they should improve on - loving and nonjudgmental of course LOL.

They expect the letter too, if I do not give it to them right away, they will ask for it by the end of the day. I love doing this because, it let's them know how you feel and what is expected of them. The only downside, in the last year or two I have asked them to write me the same type of letter and they have yet to do it. I have told them, if they do not write me a letter this year for my bday, they will not receive another damn thing until I get mines!!

So, I ask you - do you have any family traditions?

Have a great knitting weekend!!


Christie said... birthday traditions. Dad will sometimes call and ask where I want to go to dinner...but hey, he didn't call last year! Maybe I need to write him a letter too?

Virtuous said...

OOh that is such a nice tradition!! Very memorable!
I SO am going to use that with my future kiddies!

Nope no traditions either...I would be happy to get a phone call! LOL

cici said...

Very nice idea. This year My daughter started at Christmas the tradition of having a scavanger hunt for the most wanted present that her daughter wanted and she had clues and had to work for getting her present, she loved it.

Amanda said...

Happy belated birthday to Miss Anger Management! I love your family birthday tradition.

Our own tradition is more of a birthday week tradition...the kids get to eat birthday cake for breakfast every day following a birthday until the cake is gone...