Tuesday, January 01, 2008

No Christmas for you!!!

Well, how did we get out of celebrating Christmas with a 9, 13 and 18 year old.

Let me start from the beginning. I always go all out for Christmas, I never use the credit cards (I learned my lesson years ago), but I spend a lot of money on gifts. I am ashamed to say how much so I won't put it here.

Last year we decided we were not going to celebrate Christmas because we bought the house December 11th and we told the kids all the money was going towards that. However, we bought them crap anyway, I gave in, I just felt guilty even though they said they were okay with it. So, we have been working on them all year long telling them that they should receive their gifts on their birthdays instead of Christmas and they said cool, but I told them I would give them money to purchase whatever they want AFTER Christmas, because that is when all the sales were going on and they said cool. I really wasn't worried about the oldest two, I really have great kids. My oldest son, is so sweet he use to tell me when I would wake up - crust in my eyes, hair on top of my head - mommy, you are so pretty. My husband nicknamed him - kiss ass and would make kissing sounds. He is 18, but still my baby. My daughter the same way, she is really respectful and knows what she wants, she is a beautiful young lady. I really never had a problem out of them. Now, Stefon, you have read the journey with that one. He is a little different. The other two didn't question, they went a long with the program - not him, he ask why and all that (if he was first, he would be an only child - trust).

So, the whole month we bought it up again and was like you know we aren't kidding this year, we really aren't celebrating and they were like WE KNOW ALREADY. I had to go to a meeting at Stefon's school and when I met with his teacher she was like - um, are you Muslim, he told me that you guys weren't celebrating. I said, no we are not Muslim and no we are not celebrating and she said she just wondered because they had a pizza party and he said he couldn't eat the pizza because it had pepperoni on it. Okay, so the boy don't eat pork!

His godmother called and ask for his list and the oldest list and I told her we were not celebrating and she said, well, I am calling child protective service. I told her to call and if she gets him that would be cool, I'll just pay child support. Our parents think were crazy too, they always say we didn't do that to you.

So, on Saturday they got their cash and they went shopping and guess what, they all still have money even Stefon. It's amazing, when they have to spend their own money - at least, that is what the oldest one said. My godchildren and everyone else will receive gifts on their birthdays, as well.

I will do it again next year, except I will bring in a couple decorations.


PAJNSTL said...

I'd actually prefer gifts for my b-day than for christmas! So I think that is a great idea! lol

Anonymous said...

I think way too many people go broke this time of year. We celebrate but I ALWAYS have to tell DH to get his azz out of Toys R Us before he drops a grand. He goes insane. Again, I try to tell him the reason for Christmas is not to get gifts (he don't listen). At least your kids were cool with that; I'd be game for it, but the whole family would probably mutiny against me. ;-)

Virtuous said...

Yeah I was not happy about going back to work yesterday. The 1st day is always the hardest.

Wow you all really did good sticking to the plan (what happened to the presents you bought out of guilt?? For the birhtdays?) and the kids did even better! What a great life lesson!

LOL @ next year maybe throw up a few decorations. I didn't do a dang thing! Ha!

Virtuous said...

OOh! I get the Muslim question too!

NO! I don't eat pork or beef!!

(dumb folks) "Well Why?"