Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It feels so, so, good

I know the world is coming to a end - today the weather in D.C. will hit 75 degrees!!!

I told someone last Thursday when I went to work that it was bone freezing cold and I would prefer the winters be winters (but not that damn cold), I would trade the occasional hot days in.


I don't know what form of crack I was smoking when I said that, because I am LOVING it. The only problem I have, is the damn Auditors that are here - my financial skills (or lack there of) are being graded - so I can't enjoy the weather except when I go to lunch. I used every got darn minute and am hoping to sneak out at 3:30, hmm is that possible, if you come back from lunch at 2:25?

Oh and what is up with that guy eating his girlfriend - parts of her or whatever - that right there is just - WOW.

Knit news - I cast on for the CPH finally, I bought the damn book a year ago to make it and have just picked it up. I am using Patons Classic Merino, I will take a picture soon, right now I am on the ribbing - ugh.


Christie said...

nice! I hope you can sneak out!

PAJNSTL said...

GURL!!! I know I enjoyed our little heat wave...I was all taking strolls through the city and ish ;)

Hope you can sneak out soon!

Virtuous said...

Yep similar weather here too!
It was hot box at work today! UGH!
But the weather is about to turn back again by the end of the week.

Ooh! @ CPH! Yeah! Yep join I am joining you on the miles of ribbing group! ;op

Sheila said...

Our weather wasn't that warm but 57- 60 degrees was close enough that I was taking breaks for everyone - a total of 6 breaks in one day...lol

Nashe' said...

i feel you !!! why is is sooo dang hot !!! in DECEMBER???

I am wonderng what to knit ?
poncho or tank top with all this sweat inducing heat !!! feel me ?