Friday, January 11, 2008

My neck, my back ....

My knits, just like that. Remember that crazy song (without the knits).

Anyway, Happy Friday!!! My audit is done and I am soooooo happy. I celebrated last night by getting some Sushi with the husband and I gotta tell ya, it was so dang good!!

You want to know how good. I didn't take the picture until AFTER we ate, my husband said, why didn't you get a before picture - hell, I was HUNGRY, I didn't eat lunch! And I was smart too, my hubby do not eat shellfish - the long one you see was ALL for me, because it had shrimp and scallops in it. So I had mines and I had some of his - he had spicy tuna rolls and spicy salmon rolls. Delicious - um, can you tell?

Knit News

Yes people, I have knit news. I told you gals, I started the CPH and it is a easy knit - so far. Now that I have found some replacement needles.

Sidebar - Knitpicks changeable needles are nice. I like them a lot, however, it would be nice if they had the numbers on them. I keep loosing my sizer, so I can't jump into a project sometimes because I forget which needle it is. I had to put CPH on hold because I couldn't find my sizer. I wasn't sure if a certain needle was the size 8. Well, what does a girl do in this type of situation. Look high and low for the damn thing and then give up and use other needles.

So, I am almost to the armhole decrease and I can't wait. I will have the back done. We will see.

Have a great weekend. Any plans? My plans, college basketball (I am a straight fanatic) LET'S GO HOYAS!!! Oh and the Maryland Terrapins are my second choice - gotta go with the home team. But the reason I love Basketball is because of the Hoyas, I have been a fan since I was 10, my godsister was in love with them and she made me watch with her and I have been caught up every since. Now I just love College Basketball PERIOD, better than the NBA, but I love balling anyway. So, again, what's up for the weekend.


Christie said...

Sushi! Sounds good...but I'm really in the mood for Ethiopian. SO GOOD!

I love my knitpicks options, and the needle size thing is a big issue. I did see these needle sizer sizer always seems to hide when I need it the most!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, college hoops are just more interesting (I would say minus the egos & such, but not anymore).

CPH is looking good!

Virtuous said...

I just started getting in to sushi!! And I likes I likes! :o)

Yep they do make the needle size tags for KPs. I plan to get them when I finally get my Harmony needles!

OOh you are blowing thru CPH! Alright now!

I plan to go to sorority meeting tomorrow (our Founder's Day!) and have my knit group meeting. Nothing 2nite but sad for a singly young woman but that is what I want to do! ;op Haha!

Amanda said...

MMM...we love sushi- especially spicy tuna!

I hate it when I can't remember which needle I was using!

Sheila said...

CPH is coming along nicely. I love sushi, matter of fact I had it for lunch yesterday. Plans for this weekend is to sew and knit, but so far I have yet to do