Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great weekend and a small world

Man, I had a ball this weekend. I went to Linganore Winecellars for their annual Caribbean Wine Festival and I went to a bday party. Great times. So, lets start with the wine festival.

First off, let me start off by saying that someone did not read my post about drinking too much and fighting. I saw two people fall out and this time two girls were fighting. One bust the other one upside the head with a wine bottle - oh and 1/2 the wine was still in the bottle. What a waste! One lady walked by and said give me my Jack Daniels any day, you people do not know how to act with wine (told ya). P.S. it was not one of us.... I heard someone say that they were fighting because one slept with the other husband. SIDEBAR - this has always been a problem for me, why are the women fighting? Fuck him up, HE is the one made the promises, not her. Geez, I am not fighting for Mr. Conservative, unless it is family - why because both of them made a promise, chica off the street, no ma'am.

The positives. It was a girls/ladies whatever day out. So, we got up, got our food and hit the road. Mr. Conservative was a little upset because we like to do "first" together, but he had to work and it is good to get out of the house minus the spouse sometimes. AND, we are going to the Jazz and Reggae one so he will be straight.

Small world, so we are more than an hour away, and we are about to go on a wine tour and I say to my gf, wow that sounds like my Godmother/Aunt. And I say, huh, she does have blonde dreads, but I have never seen her drink anything but water. Well, I walk over and act like I am buying something and sure nuff, it was my godmommy. Oh and she is a regular to the winery and I am in awe, because, again, never seen her drink anything. Fun times.

Here are a couple of folks listening to the music and the tent folks were smart, because the sun was out.

On Sunday, my godsister had a cookout for her sister bday, she turned 34 too and her brother was there and upset that he had to leave the next day (he is in the service). WE had a ball, we were dancing to Chuck Brown and started a soul train line and we had Crabs (which are helluva expensive right now $198 a bushel) and everything else.

Birthday girl is getting her groove on and that is my mommy in the dress.

Look at my flowers people!!! I am so stoked!! My Lillie's and Roses have come out in the backyard (thank God). I have lilies in the front, but they have not bloomed yet, which is a good thing, because someone probably will cut them (fuckers).

Oh and I have a new rule to add to the DO's and DON'T list.
Do dress according to the weather and wine festival.
Don't wear white a white shirt and miss your lips while drinking red wine! (that would be me, too busy observing people and missed my soup coolers DAYHUM!

Did I tell you I cut my hair - well this is an old picture, my hair is even shorter and my hair is colored in the front and I LOVE it.


Anonymous said...

I hope no one cuts your flowers this time--idiots.

Love the haircut--what I can see of it. Can you give us a modeled Sophisticates Hair type photo, lol??

Amanda said...

girl, once again you have me giggling! Sounds like you had a great time.

Sheila said...

Glad you had mucho fun @ the winery. The flowers are so pretty... Ok, we need to see a bigger pic of your haircut, I'm itching to go short again... inspire me...lol

Chelette said...

The wine festival looks like is was really fun and you had the best weather... I am going this weekend to the one in Centerville, hope the weather cooperates.

Virtuous said...

Knew you would have a great time!

LOL @ white/white/red/soup coolers! HA!

Luv the fierce cut!