Thursday, February 15, 2007

Grape-o-licious - is a FO

Thanks to the crazy weather in Washington, DC I have been able to complete my second clapotis - grape-o-licious. She was a little defiant in the beginning, but in the end, she became buttery soft.

Here she is in her folded glory

Again, wrapped around my son - his father was not proud of this picture

Nor this one, but what the hell - WORK it Stefon!! -

I knitted her with Karabella Margarite, I think that is right. I will look for the label when I get home and make a correction if needed. She is so uberly, buttery soft and I just love her. Guess what, it's for me. I don't think it is long enough for the grandma, therefore, I think it will be best for me to keep it. Plus, the kids said that BLUE is her favorite color. Can you believe that sh@# after spending 60 dollars. Anyway, if's for me and it will go well with my white winter coat.

Will enter the other details later, until then. Oh, I almost forgot my thank yous. I would like to thank Knitty once again and also T.I. and Biggie Small's their CDs helped a lot at the end - oh and a little of Games CD as well. And last but not least mother nature - good looking out with the snow, ice and rain.


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AJ said...

Sherry, the Clappy came out very, very nice! Great job! I don't blame you for wanting to keep it for yourself!