Tuesday, February 06, 2007

HSN - Bravetti Pro

Okay folks, I am an avid HSN purchaser. I just love Wolfgang Pucks cookware and other stuff as well. However, I decided to venture to Bravatti Pro rice cooker, slow cooker, baker and paster maker. Can you believe all of that in one machine? Well, you shouldn't. I tried to boil pasta in it (oh yeah, pasta cooker as well) and it boiled over. Water went every where!!! So, I blamed myself and said maybe I put too much water in it. Well, I decided to make beef stew for the Super Bowl, I put it on slow cooker and than for 4 hours. PERFECT. Than, I went upstairs to do a little housecleaning and came back and the damn thing was turned on warm - 30 minutes not 1 hour. What the fuck (sorry, needs to be said)?!? So, I turned it on soup setting and it cooked for 21/2 hours and than did the same shit. So guess what's getting returned to HSN. Yup! you betcha.

That is one thing I really love about HSN, you can return anything back for any reason as long as it is within 30 days. I went and looked at reviews for the damn thing and some people love it despite it's faults. Some just put it on another setting and I don't think I should have to do that. It should just work and since that is not the case - see you later bravetti gator.

Don't purchase at all!!

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