Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yarn winding and rewinding

Hey take a look at this:

This is the color I am using for Ene's scarf in Scarf Style, once I am finished winding it up. I do not have an "official winder" except for the little arms of a eight year old. I think I am going to buy him some needles and teach him how to knit. He has asked before and what I have seen on the net, men are rocking knitters. Can it be said, a family who knits together, stay together? You never know.

My new knitting mantra. I will never stop in the middle of a project without taking proper notes, so that I know where to begin once I pick it up again. I am almost finished the left side of the Starsky and I had to rip out two rows three times yesterday because the cable is not lining up correctly. My notes only say start here! I am so crazy, I am hoping to try and work it out at lunch time. This should not be that hard, but it is when you are old and can't remember because you put it down in September or October.

Rewinding. This weekend I took out the yarn of some old socks of mine. My first socks I ever knitted. I am rewinding the sock yarn as well and I think I will make Jaywalkers or some other cool socks.

Wish me luck!!!

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