Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Child or Yarn - which is more important

Friday, I took off for a ME day and it was wonderful. Everyone should take one. The kids left for school and the bf went to work. It was awesome, it was the first time I got to enjoy the new home.

I watched plenty of t.v. when I was not sleep. A lot of court shows and paternity test's. Maury Povich is the new Jerry Springer. One girl on the show was testing her 10th possible baby daddy and guess what....he was NOT the father. What the hell!!!!! How do you not know who you slept with, in that span of time, she slept with over ten men evidentally because she still can't find that childs father. DAMN!! Also, what makes them come on the show and than start calling all the guys ugly and all this crap, but yet you laid down with the guy and you had his kid (maybe). The best part is when they say I am 100% no 1000% sure that he is the father and there have never been no one else. And than it comes out he is not the father and they go running off the stage crying.... Why, Man the Fuck UP!!! You knew, women know. I also watched Knitty Gritty, love Vickie Howell.

After all the drama on the t.v., I turned the music on and laid in front of the fireplace. Knitting - I thought I was going to have time to knit, but didn't get a chance. Finally, I got dressed and decided to leave the house early to pick up my youngest son. I figured I could go to the lys on the way to pick up the son and stop at Eastern Market and get some fresh fruit and cheese (smoked gouda is too die for).

Well the best laid plans are some time NOT. I arrived at Stitch DC and did not have a lot of time, but I figured I will not go to Eastern Market, I will do that on the weekend like we normally do. Stitch DC is so welcoming and the people are nice, so I chatted with the Yarn Pimp and we had pleasant conversation about my clapotis and other things and than I bought some new yarn(will show picks later) I bought some new yarn for the Forbes Forest and I bought some new sock yarn. I wanted the Knitters Almanac and the new Interweave Knits, but of course they were sold out. After spending too much money (more needles and notions), I looked at my watch and realized it was 3:15 and guess what time the little one gets out of school. Yup, you guessed it at the same damn time. Thank goodness, I could just hop on the subway and take one stop and walk to get him. So, I got there at 3:25 with apologies I got the little one.

I made it up to him though. We had family night later on and we went to Arrundel Mills and we ate and bought books from Books-A-Million (I got the new Interweave, but they did not have the Knitter's Almanac). It will be ordered.

Who says my priorties aren't correct?

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AJ said...

Sounds like a lovely Friday. What a way to start the weekend! Hope the rest of the weekend was just as good as Friday.