Friday, February 09, 2007

Parent Teacher Conference/Forbes Forest

Yeah, for parent, teacher conferences!!! I got a day off to do nothing, except go to the conference that is and enjoy the company of a eight year old who act like he was walking off a plank. Me and Dad went to the youngest conference today and we were told that he is progressing much better since he has been attending Saturday school. He still needs to work on his handwriting and math. So, that means I will be in Borders buying more books and test prep so that he can become the President of the United States. I felt sorry for some of the kids, because some parents were threatening to kill the kids, I don't know what they were doing in school, but I believe those kids are going to REALLY get it.

I WUV the book Scarfstyle, I believe I purchased it in July/August (previous pics on blog). Anywho, the reason I bought the book is because of Forest Forbes and Ene's Scarf. Hell, I love almost all the patterns in the book. Okay, back to Forbes. I was ecstatic when I showed by bf the picture and he loved the pattern. So, I said what color do you want it in and he said BLACK and my heart dropped. Why, do you say? All the bobbles, cables and other goodies are not going to show well in black.

Well, guess what? I started knitting it and IT DOES NOT SHOW WELL!!! What is a girl to do???? I tried to convince him to change colors and he said no. NO! Have I ever taken no for an answer....Hell to the naw!!! (Well yeah).

So what is my plan? Knitting the damn thing a couple more rows to show him that it does not look right, that it will look better in a different color. And if THAT doesn't work - temporary insanity - screaming, holler, crying and no Rick James funky stuff (you know what)!!! He'll cave.

I'll tell you about a new color soon - wish me luck - I mean him luck.

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AJ said...

Eeewww parent/teacher conferences SUCK! But I'm glad to hear that your son is doing better! Saturday school eh? That's what Jem needs, but the schools here don't offer it. I don't blame them. Who wants a 6 day work week?

As for the bf scarf, I'd just get a different color and knit it. Black or not, he's gonna love it! :)