Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Spit is your friend

Hey, guess what new technique I just learned???? Splicing, except I used water. I just couldn't do it with the spit. I am in total awe of this technique, I will use this for now on. No more weaving in loose threads for me. I couldn't use this technique on the last clappy I made because it was 100% supermerino, but I can (and have) used it on this clappy except for the beginning (I was scared or as the rappers say scurred!!).

Grape Clapotis - is going well, I have found time to knit on the metro this past couple of days. The end of the road is nearing and I was suppose to buy more yarn to make me one, but I think that will not be necessary. Why do you say? I just might be keeping it for myself and buying the bf mom, pots and pans for her birthday. Selfish - you say. I say your 1,000% correct. It just feels so good against my skin, I put it on last night and the cashmere is so buttery soft.

Forbes Forest - I have worked on it at home, I can see a little of the work, but it is definitely too black. A few more rows and than I will quit. Did I tell you, I am going to make a pumpkin one for a birthday gift. Will it be bad to make one for him and than someone else too?

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