Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Are movies suppose to be interactive?

This weekend I saw three movies. Notorious, Taken and Bride Wars. They all were okay, but I need to talk about one movie in particular or shall I say the people who came to the movie.

I started out wrong and went to Gall.ery Pl.ace. A nice movie theatre, stadium seats, good mix of a crowd, unless the hood is in the house. I normally go out to VA to get my movie fix on but she did not want to go to VA and since it was my husband aunt, I let her win, since she don’t go to the movies often.

We went to get some food first. I wanted some Sushi, she no likey sushi. We decided to go to this other Tapas place I can’t remember the name. Which is a good thing that shit was nasty. The best thing was their Sangria, now THAT was the bomb (not better than Mr. Conservative’).

Back to the movie. I am hyped, could not wait to see the movie, although I figured I would watch it by other means – you dig.

I had everything with me, let’s look at the list.

Drink – check
Popcorn – check
Skittles – check
Middle seat, in middle row – check

Everything going sweet, I got the head bob going, smiling and shit because THIS IS MY SHIZZNIT!! UNTIL, the shit got interactive. How about homeboy behind us wanted to be Biggie. All of a sudden, I hear – “Who the fuck is this, paging me 5:46 in the morning, crack a dawn in…… How come he didn’t stop singing? He was loud ya’ll, I mean, wanted to let everyone know he knew the song. I mean the whole theater head was bobbing, but THIS fool had to sing. I am like damn, okay, we know you know the words but come on. Man, he didn’t stop. Suicidal Thoughts, my all time favorite this mutherfucker is SINGING. I am like, dude this is not a sing a long, watch the fucking movie. He did this the whole movie – well up until about 30 minutes before the movie was over because he already saw that part, so he bounced. What was really crazy is he was with another dude, and even he told him to shut the hell up. I mean, are we serious, we can sing a long with the movies now. Ugh.

The movie was okay. I loved the fact, that if you looked around, everyone WAS doing the head bob. Oh and Derek Luke got Diddy on lock. I thought only Jamie Foxx did a good Diddy, but um, yeah Derek – get it. As much as I LOVE Biggie, and have him in heavy rotation faithfully, I still don’t get the attraction, Charlie Baltimore, Lil’Kim, Faith. I LOVE to laugh and you can get close to my heart and my …. that way, but um, in the favorite words of Aunty Whitney – HELL TO THE NAW!!


KnitFloozy said...

see! that is why i wait for video. i will tell a nucka to shut da hell up

Brothers Blog said...

LOL. Yeah I saw this at a mostly white theatre. There was a krazy white dude screaming out Whoo Hooo during the nude scenes but other than that I was able to enjoy the movie with no interactions.

Oh and Diddy by Derek Luke was funny as hell. Kept me laughing the whole movie.

Anonymous said...

see thats why i dont like to see movies with a bunch of us. lol dont know how to act

Adrienne said...

I would have been SO MAD!!!!

Sheila said...

Got diggitydayumm he did that during the whole movie? I would've had to call security... seriously.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...
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Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuu, I would have been so angry. I guess the theater was too full to change seats... Whaddya say? Aunty-no-likey-sushy, that is too funny !