Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do you need to get a physical if you go to the GYN?

While I was at work one of my BFF IM'ed me and was so excited about going to the physician and this is the conversation between us.

BFF: My doctor is a hottie and I have to take many tests.

Urban: Um, okay – a physical right? You should.

BFF: Yup, but I must be really special because its 27 tests.

Urban: No, actually it is normal. He is supposed to do blood work on you. Maybe more or less test, but you are SUPPOSE to get a lot done.

BFF: What?

Urban: Um, yeah, I go annually, although, Kaiser thinks you can do it 2-3 years, but for me annually.

BFF:What? I have been going to my GYN faithfully, but not the physician.

Urban: Why not? They are two TOTALLY different doctors.

BFF: Yeah, but I figure they were running the same test.

Urban: WTF. How the hell you figure that one? One is for the vagina and one is for your entire body.

BFF: Well, that is the problem, I have not been to a physician in years because when I originally contacted her (gyn) office I asked did they do physicals and they told me they do everything. So I have not been to any one else.

Urban: Well, that is why your doctor is running all these tests. I mean you are suppose to go to your woman wellness annually, some say 2 years for that, but for me, I go annually. They do the Pap smear and they do the breast exam and some other ish, but my GYN does not take the place of my primary doctor.

I was really shocked when she said this, because she is a very smart girl. Not that intelligence have anything to do with it, but I would assume she was already doing this because when she meets a guy and want to take it to another level, she go and do joint AIDS test with the guy and everything. So, I would think this is a no brainer for her. However, she thought that her GYN could do everything because she said that's what they told her. But like her NEW doctor told her, your GYN is not running the same type of tests, that I am running, she might be checking for some things, but I am going to run tests that are more specific and in depth.

Ladies and gentlemen, please make sure you are going to your doctor annually or whatever is recommended for your age group. Personally, I go annually. Hell, I figure you got the insurance for something you might as well use it. You go to the doctors so they can have historical data on you - that is how you can tell what is normal for you and if things have changed, i.e. gone up/down whatever. Cholesterol, blood pressures and other important tests are being run.

Do you know that high blood pressure is a hidden disease? Most people do not know they have high blood pressure until it is too late, and these diseases can lead to a heart attack, kidney disease, etc. When was the last time you checked your blood pressure? Almost all drug stores or grocery stores have a blood pressure machine. Why don’t you stop by and check your pressure? Write it down and every once in a while check it again. You do not have to do it every day, but you should check.


Carmell said...

you trying guilt trip me???? i haven't been to the female doc in almost 3 years... since last baby was born... and primary.... i don't even have one of those. thats why i don't go to the doctor when i fell crappy cause i have to find one first and by the time that happens i feel fine. i've been meaning to do so though. arghhh!

Sheila said...

It is so important to go for yearly gyn, physical and mammogram, twice yearly for dental, every 2 years for eyes, etc. I emphasize that to my daughter who will be 21 this year and last year she was so pissed. I scheduled 3 appointments for her and 4 for me in one day (gyn, phy, mammogram, dentist), luckily we have the same doctors and she was totally pissed and complained the whole dayum I told her what the hellz are you complaining about... you didn't have to get a dayumm

Anonymous said...

I'm guilty. So guilty I almost didn't comment. I went to get my reproductive system checked up less than a year ago, but before that it had been like 2 or 3 years. I got tired of going into the same office just to have them as me "is this your first time here?" Uh, no, you all helped me deliver my second child, remember? It took me that long to find someone else.

Therefore, I have not yet found a regular physician, and my insurance plan isn't very helpful. Providing long lists of folk isn't helpful.

So, I guess I'm guilty for neglecting myself, but it ain't all my fault. Do you believe me, LOL.