Thursday, February 26, 2009

Conversation between Anger Mgmt, Mr. Stefon and his imaginary friend

Mr. Stefon has an imaginary friend. Actually both of my boys have/had an imaginary friend. Anger Mgmt I guess didn't have time. Anywho, we discovered this a long time ago, because Mr. Stefon would talk to him and guess what his name is? Mr. Stefon. Yup he named the imaginary friend after him. We have asked him why, but he just said that was his name (conceited if you ask me).

Well, we are trying to get Mr. Stefon to pull his weight around the house and that means, starting to do the dishes. The other kids learned earlier, but you know that boy play too much. So we put him in a training program. First week, College boy was suppose to have him help and tell him what to do. He basically didn't let the boy do nothing because he wanted to hurry up and be finished.

Anger Mgmt was not going to let that happen. They fought every night because she made him do basically ALL the work.

We still have dinner at the table as a family. I love it - except when I am at school, bummers.

Anywho, they are at the table and College Boy is talking about Mr. Stefon and not cleaning the counters and stove off.

College Boy: Was you talking to yourself this morning?
Mr. Stefon: No, I was talking to Mr. Stefon.
College Boy & Anger Mgmt: Dang you still talk to him, I thought he was gone.
Mr. Stefon: Well College Boy didn't you have one?
CB: Yeah when I was little.
Anger Mgmt: Well since your imaginary friend still come around, you need to ask him to help you clean up that kitchen.
Mr. Stefon: What? Its not my turn any more.
AM: Well, all I know is, you and your imaginary friend Mr. Stefon better get in there and clean off the stove and counter that is apart of the kitchen, not just the dishes. So you better train him too.
Mr. Stefon: Ma and dad do I have too my week is over.

Lawd, we could not answer the child right away because we were dying!!! Hell yeah he had to do it. I don't know about the other Mr. Stefon but the one who has a room upstairs do.


Carmell said...

how old is Mr? damn i need to get on my game... but i'm like college boy... hurry up i don't want to be in here waiting on you! i am not a teacher. and i don't want to go behind you and redo it so i just do it myself... so i guess i really can't complain now can i!?!?

get on your garden girl!!!

Anonymous said...

lol the whole family is nuts lol

Sheila said...

Too dayummm funny.