Monday, February 23, 2009

My crazy day at the doctors

Saturday woke up and felt quite fine. I wrote my post and felt good. Then all hell broke out.

I started noticing red hives starting to appear on my arms. Then I noticed I was scratching my face so I went to look in the mirror and saw all these marks on my face. WTH. So I immediately called Kaiser. One of my BFF said she would go with me to the doctors since Mr. Conservative was at work, but I said naw, he will be at home at 1:45 so I will schedule the appointment after that time. LAWD, I should have went with my friend. I went way down hill!! I started having stomach cramps and diarrhea AND Paula Michelle Smith ass decided to show up too. It was horrible. My husband came home and asked could we get an earlier appointment but by the time we got to everything it would be too late. So, nope had to wait until 4:10.

That is the side of my face.

My beautiful husband said you should take some panties and pants just in case and I just rolled my eyes and looked at him like he was crazy. I am a lady damn it. Well let me tell you about the lady. We are driving half way there I start screaming pull over I have to throw up and he says I can't do it out the window. Now, you know i could not do that so he had to pull over at the next street and I start throwing up, but hold up - WHY MY ASS START CRYING!! OH NO I THINK I AM SHITTING TOO!!! So he asked me did I want to go back home and I said no because I didn't want to miss the appointment and start all over. So we get there I run straight to the damn bathroom and Hallelujah, Thank You JESUS, I didn't. Man oh man I would have been embarrassed.

I waited longer in Kaiser then I did at the ER, I guess because every one and their mama was sick and there was only a few docs which equaled a 1-2 hour wait. I finally get to the back and they see all the bumps immediately knew it was a reaction but didn't do anything right away. I asked could they do something for the diarrhea and the vomiting but nope not until the doctor. I had to get up every couple minutes walk downstairs to a quiet bathroom to handle my business with some dignity. Thank GOD I didn't eat or drink anything all day so it was all water really.

Finally see the doctor and he wants me to go downstairs to get my blood drawn (AGAIN) I told him I had my results from WHC, which he said very good, but I need you to go down and do a urinalysis as well. Oh and before I went he said, I am going to give you a shot for the allergy reaction and a shot to stop the vomiting. I said okay can I get one for the diarrhea and he said no, because we want whatever running through to leave your body, but you need to stop vomiting because of the electrolytes. He then told me that my husband would have to go down with me to get the blood drawn because both meds are going to knock me out.

Man oh man, when she stuck me with the allergy one, I said okay not so bad, but when she stuck me with the anti-vomiting I thought I was going to cry. Big as baby, but I don't care, I don't know how many shots or blood drawn I have got over the weekend.

I go down get my blood drawn, and bam, she got it on the first try after she said Damn, who been playing with your arm. I told her the war stories and she said that a lot of the patients complain about WHC because they aren't really trained to draw the blood. Whatever.

Anywho, had one more violent fit with the stomach and vomiting (after the damn shot) and then I was set. Oh, after I then had to go down and put in my meds and wait AGAIN. I could have handled everything except the stomach cramps, I felt like I was having contractions.

Anywho, got home about 11 p.m. and got in my dang bed and slept.

I am using 3 meds right now, which keeps me sleeping. So sleep is a beautiful thing right now, except for the fact that I have a mid term coming up. But oh well.


Carmell said...

i hope they figure out what the hell is going on with you so you avoid whatever it is from now on!! damn!.. thats cute... maybe you should bring some panties and a pari of pants!! ha ha... well at least he is thinking like a woman!!!

Anonymous said...

aww urb *puts on hazmat suit* ((((hugs)))

get better chic!

Anonymous said...

Good google ee moogle ee!

Christie said...

What's going on? I hope you feel better!

cici said...

goodness.sorry to hear all that.. Hope you get this figured out soon. Sending you some positive healing vibes♥♥♥

Adrienne said...

Goodness girl! Feel better soon!

Virtuous said...

Get well sleeping beauty and stay focuse for the mid-term!!

Sheila said...

Hoping you are feeling better. That was so sweet of your DH.