Thursday, June 18, 2009

How old is too old to in the trash can?

I have not spoken to You Must Be Crazy yet because I want to see if it is a mistake. If she hasn’t changed it by Friday it is on like butter, pop, pop corn.

My friend with the bad ass kids I have told you about before. I don't think I told ya’ll a couple of the last dramas. However, here is a gem. What would you do if your child urin.ated in the trash can at school? Conversation went like this.

Urban: Hello
I NEED AN ASS WHIPPING TOO: Girl, guess what your boy did now.
Urban: Which one?
INASWT: Your boy?
Urban: What? Let me guess get suspended again? (It has been over 10 times this year alone, and that is not a joke).
INASWT: Pe.ed in a trashcan.
Urban: WHAT?!
INASWT: Well he had to go to the bathroom and they wouldn’t let him
Urban: I don’t give a hell that’s not normal he ain’t two. He is seventeen. (I said this because I can tell she is about to start taking up for him).

His version of what happened:

He asked to use the bathroom. They told him no. He asked again. His teacher said no. He then said he would pee in the trash can and she ignored him. He said it again and she said she didn’t care. He said okay took the trash can. Peed in it and then took the bag out and took it to security and said see, I told you I had to pee.


So, she called me back later.

Urban: What’s up?
INASWT: Guess who is suspended until the rest of the year.
Urban: I was waiting for that to happen.
INASWT: Well, its not right because she told him he could in the trash can.
Urban: **birds chirping**
INASWT: How come your quiet? I guess you don’t agree with me?
Urban: You think? I don't care what the teacher said. She didn't expect a soon to be grown ass man that is 6'3 to pee in the trash can. I mean we don't do shit like that in society. We have societal codes - take your weener or pocketbook and do that in private.

So, last I heard she was fighting for him not to be suspended, she think it is too much. Parents. This is why the youth are like this. Hold your kids accountable. If not you AND them will learn the hard way. I chose to bust mine in the head now.


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WHAT THE H...!!!!!!!!!!

Sheila said...

While you're talking about busting in the head... have you thought about using that technique on INASWT, just maybe you can knock some dayumm sense into her head.

Nik said...

lol@ Sheila. I'm thinking that might work.