Friday, June 26, 2009

From the Heart


I have so many fond memories of you. How do we go from talking about a Michael Jackson dance off to saying good-bye? I remember when everyone was rocking the red thriller jacket and the zippers, the penny loafers – which by the way saved me in a fight with a boy who was picking on me. This fool jumped on my back while I was walking home from school. Well Michael let me tell you. I took my loafer off and socked him a couple times with it. He got the picture and left me alone. I also remember the glove. How can I forget that? That glove was magical. Who knew you could wear one glove as an accessory! Well, that has been a fashion craze for the past two years, but it didn’t work out to well. I saw Bey.once and Len.zy Lo.han try and do. But it didn’t last because they were not you. The jheri curl. Just wow. The curl was the first time I went to the hair salon. My momma let me get one and I remember it not taking properly. I had to go back to the salon and the beautician was not to happy she said, look young lady you have sandy brown hair, and it is difficult to work with. Um, whatever, I got my jheri curl fixed and was rocking the activator glo and all. COULD NOT TELL ME NOTHING!! Hell it was even cool to wear the highwater pants while dressing like you, but um after that no sir.

I remember when I first had the hots for you. My godsister had posters of you on her wall. It was a poster of you in this yellow sweater and lets not forget the Thriller cover. Claude Have Mercy I swore you were now on Prince level. I mean we knew you were great, but Prince was the one with the sex appeal – although, he was the one that should have been suspect with the high heels and ass out jeans. You had me with the sweater, but there was another one of you that I cannot find, with you in a towel with your bare chest, I know I am not dreaming.

Anywho, you have touched many – the girls wanted you and the boys wanted to be you. I thought my godsister had it bad with the posters until we went over her cousin Tony house. She was a nut and if she was older she would have probably been a st.alker or at least she had stalker tendency. We went into her room and EVERYTHING was covered, her walls, the door, and I want to say ceiling but I can’t recall. She had you everywhere. I was so jealous of her because her mom let her wild out like that, were my mother wouldn’t let me hang up a poster because she didn’t want tape or nails messing up HER walls. Tony is a mortgage broker today, but when I see her or hear her name I think of her room.

I thank you for giving my family something to share. When the news broke on the radio yesterday of you possibly having a heart attack, we were all in shock. Mr. Stefon was very upset and I think that says a lot. I have to tell you. I did not know my kids knew who you were musically. I mean, I knew they knew your name. I remember coming home last year and saw Anger Mgmt on the computer watching your video and I was like wow, how did they know you. I assumed my kids perception of you was of a crazy, freaky person. Lets be honest Michael in the 2000’s some crazy ish was being said about you. So, it surprised me when I saw them watching your videos. I was even more surprised when the 25th Anniversary of Thriller came out. I did not buy it, nor did I plan too. My friends called me and asked me was I getting it and the answer was no. Not because I didn’t like your music, but I hear it all the time, so I didn’t think it was necessary. Well, when I came home my kids gave me a what for. I thought they were joking when they said they wanted it. Mr. Conservative went out and got it for them. When I heard we had it and they were all excited I was looking at them like they were still crazy. I asked them are you serious? And they were like yes, that’s Mike. I remember when we put the CD in to listen to the new songs with Fegie and Kanye and we were like ew, this is horrible. We only listen to the old Michael songs, the revamped ones with the new artist suck major butt.

If anyone sees us on the road when we are going to Costco, or any other store we are in the car rocking to one of your songs on full blast. It is so nice to hear Mr. Stefon say, Mommy go to number six.

I thank you for all that you have meant to me and my family. There are so many videos that you have for me to say which one is my favorite. But one that I really love that shows your persona is the one with you and Janet – Scream. When I saw this video, I fell in love with you again and it’s because you seemed so human to me and showed a lot of your personality – confidence, humorous and love for your sister. You and Janet fighting while playing the video game, classic. If that was not me and my sibling or my kids. I felt like you were finally having fun.

Thank you and you will definitely be missed by everyone.


I was/am very shocked at my emotions. When I see people going crazy over celebrities when they die. It baffles me. I am normally like why? You don't know them and now I understand.

Scream Video


Christie said...

Love your post. I'm a little shocked by my reaction to it. I'm pretty sad and it's hard listening to his songs. And the Scream video is one of the best. Although, for me, I could watch 'You Rock My World' with Chris Rock over and over again too.

Sheila said...

You got me shedding tears over your poignant post. Oh how I remember my 4 siblings and me proclaiming to be the real Jackson 5s and couldn't tell us nothing. We had those routines down pack. Neigbors would see us playing outside - turn their stereo on and once we hear the J5s we'd form a line and start a dancing - working up a

He will surely be missed.

cici said...

Great tribute. Yes we will truly miss him. RIP MJ♥

Monique said...

I share this sentiment. I typically think they make much a big to-do over "these celebrities". But to send Michael off with any less than how it was done would just not have seemed befitting. It's still a shocker!

"I was/am very shocked at my emotions. When I see people going crazy over celebrities when they die. It baffles me. I am normally like why? You don't know them and now I understand."