Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Working children

Anger Mgmt and College Boy are working this summer.

College Boy is a program analyst and a team leader, so he loves his job. Anger Mgmt is an environmental specialist. Anger Mgmt has been on my case since last week trying to be transferred. Well guess what? She can’t. She then tried to petition her father to let her take extra classes at school so she would not have to work, because it is too hot outside to pick up trash. Um, it did not work.

Yesterday text:

Anger Mgmt: Hi mommy
Me: Hey whats up.
Anger Mgmt: I hate this job so much.
Me: That’s good. At least you know what you do not want to do for a living.
Anger Mgmt: Ha ha very funny. Seriously mommy, are you sure, the lady said no transfer.
Me: Pretty much. Think of your paycheck – remember your sweet 16 you want to have.
Anger Mgmt: Why? I thought you and daddy were paying for it.
Me: Hahahahahaha

Todays text:

Anger Mgmt: Hi there
Me: Hi princess. How is everything going?
Anger Mgmt: Very funny. We are going to hang door hangers on people doors. Around Congress heights so I might die.
Me: You will be paid for your efforts or at least I will – may you rest in peace.

Anger Mgmt is too funny AND a trip. We discussed her Sweet 16 last year. She came to me and had a plan about how she will save up money when she worked next summer for her party and would we contribute. I told her if she puts forth an effort so would we. NOW she acts like she has amnesia and said, I thought you were paying and bought it up again when she came home. I told her she must have been dreaming you know you have to do half. I said remember the convo and your father said you need to stop watching MTV and that you are not Par.is Hi.lton? I definitely remember the conversation. Then she tried to hit us with. Well if I have to save half I earn, then how am I going to help with the party. Um, the other half. WTF.

I do not believe in giving them EVERYTHING. Dang work for something and she know we will help but she will be doing something as well.


Anonymous said...

You dead wrong for that rest in peace comment. That was funny. Hey, I think it's a good idea to make her pay for have of the vision she has.

gold said...

OMG!!!LOL No she didn't say she was going to died from working!LOL That was a good comeback you gave her!LOL

Sheila said...

Totally Hilarious!!!