Monday, June 22, 2009

I miss Collegeboy

Collegeboy has been over his dads house for the past two weeks and I miss him dearly. I know he will be 20 this year and his dad deserves just as much time with him as we do,but damn he goes over every weekend and most holidays. I know it is selfish but so what.

What will I do when he moves out? I probably grab on to his leg and he will have to drag me while he carry his bed out.

I hope he comes home today, since his first day of work starts today. Actually for him and Anger Mgmt. She is not happy at all. I will explain later after Mr. Stefon award ceremony.


Sheila said...


Anonymous said...

you betta suck it up! Lol the boy is almost drinking age.

Lol @ the lady being told to stop clapping.. dahell.