Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Michael Jackson Face Off - Mr. Conservative battle Mr. Stefon

Yesterday was SOOOOO fun.

My job has been very busy and stressful this past month, almost two. It took my blood pressure reaching 156/88 for me to realize that enough is enough. I was so sick that day. But now, my attitude is – it’s whatever – like momma said you can’t get blood out of a turnip. The best thing for me right now is to enjoy my home life and work is now slowing a little. Go figure I say it is slowing and our audit starts Monday.

Anger Mgmt bought up the fact that our cookout is coming up and we have not practiced or picked a song we agreed upon.

Anger Mgmt: we need to pick a song and start practicing, because I don’t want to look stupid in front of everybody and this is our house.
Urban: Oh snap, I forgot. Do you think we have to still do it?
Mr. Conservative: Yes. I called my mother the other day and she told me to call her back she was practicing.
Anger Mgmt: See this is what I am talking about.
Urban: You need to calm down Joe Jackson.
Anger Mgmt: I’m serious mommy. When are we going to start practicing?
College Boy: The day before and we will be messed up. (that boy ain’t never lied)

They decide on a Michael song, but one problem. Mr. Conservative AND Mr. Stefon wants to be Mike. Now. I have never seen Mr. Conservative be Michael his family talks about when he was little and how he had the outfit and had to fight him to get it off. But that was before my time. Now, I have seen Mr. Stefon and brother gets down. In December for a going away party, they had him do it and he is awesome. However, last night Mr. Conservative was adamant that he was going to be Michael and that was final. WHATEVER!!

Urban: (instigator) How you just going to say your Michael? I haven’t seen you dance like Mike.
Anger Mgmt: Yeah Daddy, when do you dance. Mr. Stefon is serious when he does it.
College boy: Yeah, he might want to slow down a little bit but he does a great Michael.
Mr. Conservative: Ya’ll heard everyone at the party. When I was little I use to get it too.
Urban: Key word is little.
Mr. Stefon: I challenge you daddy to a dance off. Yeah daddy come on.
Mr. Conservative: No, I am Michael.
Mr. Stefon: That’s not right. Your all old and stuff. You are going to be slow and everything.
Mr. Conservative: Whatever, leave me alone.
Anger Mgmt: Daddy you know you going to need some help. Maybe College boy can be the guy like James brown had.
Mr. Stefon: No. What daddy is going to need is some of Grandma joint juice.

Lawd I thought I was going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Urban: Babe, I know you are not going to let him call you out like that. You have to battle him now for the older generation. I will ice you down the next day if necessary.
So, a challenge has been born. They will do one song at the party. We still don’t know what the hell we are doing as a group. I chose We Are Family and I was voted down hard. So we put all out names in a hat and picked who gets to pick the song and guess who name came up………………..College Boy. Now remember he only listen to rock music, Lawd help us. We might be rocking to My Ch.emical Romance or Gorillaz who knows. He did say maybe a Black Eye song.


Christie said...

Lovely Lady Humps?

KnitFloozy said...

It's so good to see families getting together and having fun! Michael Jackson dance off? LOL Ya'll need to do Remember the Time.

Sheila said...

For the dance off just so Mr. Conservative won't hurt nobody... What about doing the dance off to Thriller... you guys are to dayummm funny.