Thursday, September 03, 2009

Conversations with Urb

Background: Husband and I sitting in the car. HOT as heck and we sent the little bugger Mr. Stefon home and since it is now dark we can see the mosquitoes and other flying what not gathering on the window. I am getting bored. Mr. Conservative is sitting in the backseat.

Urban: Babe - what you doing?
Mr. Conservative: Um sitting in the backseat. (he is frustrated- I am as cool as a cucumber, well maybe not cool).
Urban: Babe.
Mr. C: What?
Urban: Let me see your stuff.
Mr. C: WHAT?
Urban: You heard me.
Mr. C: No.
Urban: Come on man ain't nobody going to see you its dark.
Mr. C: I don't care about that. I don't want them things to jump on my stuff.
Urban: (dying laughing) You will be okay, take one for the team.
Mr. C: You got to be crazy if you think I am letting them bite me.

Guy who USE to live in the house at the end of the street before they gave him the boot. In the car earlier waiting for the battery jump the second time.

DumbDude: Hey man, I thought that was you. (higher than cooty brown)
Mr. C: Hey what's up.
DD: Nothing man. You ran out of gas I got some money.
Mr. C: Naw man we just need a jump we called roadside.
DD: Oh okay because I got some money for you.
Mr. C: We good thanks man.

DD leaves and comes back. I see him approaching.

Urban: Here comes your best friend.
Mr. C: Dayhum
DD: So you want me to give you the money for some gas.
Mr. C: NO, we got gas its something else. We straight.
DD: Okay just let me know because I got the money.

STOP DRINKING AND SMOKING. What part of we have money and gas don't your ass understand?! Yes I know he was trying to be helpful. But when it is hot as hell outside and your sitting in a car burning up you might want to leave people alone if you don't have jumper cables in your back freaking pocket ya dig!! Shit we getting bit by mosquitoes and some more shit! Don't tempt me.

Oh I haven't even begun to tell you the drama with v.w. that is for another post. However, they are paying for the oil pan 618 that includes the labor and drum roll please. The mechanic called me about 5 minutes ago and said it is the altenator and that will be 1150.

Fuck me very much. love to drive them, but a biatch to pay for. This is why we hurried up and gave the benzo back to FIL before we got really use to it. It does ride smooth though, but the maintenance, the freakin maintenance.


Adrienne said...

Maintenance will EAT YOU UP! I had a C-Class and I was actually happy when I wrecked it and totaled it out! LOL

patrice said...

Hehehehehe why could I see ian and I having that conversation. Lol

Maintenance sucks no matter what kinda car u have