Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My Car Saga

Last Wednesday was Mr. Stefon first day of school. Well, Mr. Conservative and I went to pick him up from school.

Get Mr. Stefon and go back to the car and the car would not start. Call V.W roadside and we waited about 30 minutes. Of course, it would be the day when it was 95 degrees outside. However, it was cool once we opened the door. For some reason we were getting a nice breeze, so it wasn’t too bad. Roadside came and the guy jumped the car and we were on our way. Or so we thought.

We decide to stop at the store on the way home about 5 minutes from our house and noticed the car was starting to slow down. So we decided to nix the store and go the hell home. Well, 2 minutes away and the mofo cut off COMPLETELY. On a busy street, but by the grace of God no one was behind us.

We call the guy who helped us before because he gave us his card and he told us he was on his way. How come he didn’t show up? Did not return our calls. We had to call V.W roadside again, which we should have done the first time and he wasted 30 minutes of our time. Estimated wait time 45 minutes.

Now we are no longer receiving ANY kind of breeze. We are in the blazing sun. Mr. Conservative told us to go ahead home and he will be home later. Um, you have lost your fool mind. We are in this together. However, Mr. Stefon was getting the heck out because he was asking too many questions and it was hot as hell sitting on leather in 95 degree weather and hotter in the car. I told him to walk home and Collegeboy met him. THIS IS HOW FREAKING CLOSE TO HOME WE WERE.

A neighbor family member saw us and bugged the hell out of us, another post, too much to write. All I have to say is crack/alcohol is a helluva drug. Anywho, back to the show, I mean my life.

Roadside shows up with a carload of kids. They are screaming daddy can we get out of the car and all types of hotness and he is yelling back at them. A mess. The car starts and cuts right the heck back off. Needless to say, a tow truck needed to be called now.

Estimated wait time 1 hour. We had to pay 75 dollars to go just up the hill, but who cares at this point, just get us home. It would have been free if we sent it to the dealership or I used our insurance (idiot). Well they were not there in 1 hour and V.W had to whip some but they got their 15 minutes later.

Hooked up the car and we were in it. YES, I KNOW WE WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN. Leave me alone, I know it was stupid. Nevertheless, it was crowded at the front and just up the hill.

You have to use a code to get in our community (unless the badass kids tell you or push it in for you). We get out the car to tell him the code and Loco tow driver says.

LOCO: Man, you have a leak you need to fix that.
Mr. Conservative: BULL SHIT!
Urban: (who don’t know shit about cars except that should not happen) Dude that is oil and that is not a leak. YOU did that.
LOCO: I did not do that it was already like that.
Urban: Our car would not start because of something mechanical NOT FREAKING LEAKING and dude, there is a difference between leaking and POURING and if our car were pouring oil, we would not have any right now as long as we waited for service all day.

We get in to the community with oil going everywhere and Mr. Conservative looses his cool. Which trust me really does not happen that often. You have to push him to the edge but when you do…..

Why homie say to my husband.

LOCO: Man I was trying to help you out by doing you a favor.
Mr. Conservative: Man you what?
LOCO: I was trying to help you.
Mr. Conservative: HELP! Man you damaged my got damn car. I paid ya’ll ass to provide a service, that is NOT a freaking favor. A favor is free or a discount not making shit worse. You betta get out my face with that shit.

Imagine that is the clean version. Somebody was HAWT.

Why was I on the steps laughing? Not out loud. But just laughing, saying baby calm down. But that shit was soooo damn funny because he hardly looses his cool. But I knew I needed to get him, because he was about to loose his Conservative title.

I was very calm. I called V.W roadside and reported it and thank goodness everything was done through them so they are handling everything and could see that oil leakage (POURING) was not the problem and I called Gei.co and they know about it as well.

So, we had his father benzo until Sunday, and I think I now want a truck. But, now we are carless. Everyone is dragging their damn feet. I found out today that it will cost 615 for the oil pan which we will not be paying for, but damn, when will they fix that shit so that WE can find out what is really wrong with the damn car.

Mr. Stefon gets out of school at 3:45, we didn’t get in the house until a little after 9.


Anonymous said...

Lord Jesus. Even though my car often gives me blues, thank you for helping me get through these issues without loosing my cool or taking a life, AMEN.

This is the prayer I pray often, just thought I'd share and hope you don't have to have a permanent car prayer of your own.

patrice said...

Car trouble is noo fun. Glad y'all were close to home so you technically could have walked home.