Friday, September 11, 2009

Girlfriend with a Wife on the Side

Sunday, I go to a cookout that no one wanted to go to. Well I let me rephrase. I went because my best friend of 23 years gave the party. However, we ALL wish it was catered. Only Mr. Stefon came to the party because he wanted to play with the other kids and get in the moon bounce. Moving on.

I am introduced to these two women, and I get the evil grit down. But its whatever I don’t care. How YOU doing!

We are talking and I find out that one chica is the coaches wife and the other lady is a football mom. So we talk and chitter chatter and the Football Flousy starts working my nerves because I can see she is trying to find something to talk about and she is picking on the Coaches Wife. So I decided that whatever she says I will go against her. Just because. Also, because she says dumb stuff.

Football Flousy: Don’t you hate it when you go places and people are real quiet. Just don’t say nothing.
Urban: No.
FF: You don’t find that strange.
Urban: Nope
FF: I find it strange, Coaches Wife don’t talk to nobody she is so quiet. She just be in her own world.
Urban: Okay, so whats wrong with that. I don’t talk to people right off the bat. I normally sit back and observe people. See what’s going on.
FF: Um. I find it disturbing for people to be so quiet.


FF: I have a question. Is game night just for married folks. I mean everyone I know who is married have a game night.
Urban: No. Why would it just be for married folks? It is for whomever want to play games. Hell a lot of times its just me and the kids playing games and every once in a while my husband joins us. But I know single people or single parents, or whomever that have a game night and it can be random or set in stone.

Ugh. I hate when single people try to make married people seem like they are shackled or a whole nother species. She told us that she is happy to be single, that way she can do whatever she want, when she want, and in the same breathe said she wants someone. Save the drama for yo momma. I can careless if your married or not do you.

She kept doing shit like that the whole time coach wife was there and then made another comment asking her how come she don’t stay at the game like all the other coaches wives and follow their husband arounds like little puppies. WTF. I figured something was up.

Coach mom left and we were left alone to talk.

Urban: Yeah, I understand what she is saying being the Coach Wife.
FF: Well, I could say a lot. No I am not going to say anything. Well. You know when I met her husband the coach. I didn’t know he was married. He didn’t have a ring on or anything. I mean the way he was acting and stuff. And she was never at the practices or the games and then one day he introduced her to me and was like this is my wife. I was like what the fuck. That’s your wife, but um, I just met your girlfriend.

Blown away. First off it’s like she was blaming the woman for his infidelities because she didn’t stay on the field and WATCH her husband – play a fake as security officer. I kindly told her that, that is not what a wife should have to do. Maybe she didn’t feel like she needed to be on the field watching her husband. I trust my husband to do whatever he says he is doing. Now, whether he is doing what he said is another thing. I DON’T know nothing about it. I also told her the other women may follow their husbands because they have a trust issue or know ya’ll biatches or better yet know their damn husbands. I ain’t got time for all that. Sorry don’t.

So, when I got my BFF by herself I asked her about the girl and she told me it was RUMOURED that they were messing with each other. He said it didn’t happen that he just taken a liken to her son. Um, okay.

But he was messing with another chick that was not a part of the team and he left his family. Funny thing is he didn’t have shit – the house HER name, car HER name. Guess who came back. Yup after playing he came back and now I hear he wears his ring and she comes to the games more often.


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow !!! Okay, we know there are a lot of folks going out on their mates. I say poor coaches wife that she came to a function to have a good time and one of her husbands big-mouth-no-class-floozy was there. My QUESTION though would be to your friend Urban; If you knew or thought said Floozy is/was sleeping with the coaches wife then WHY did you invite the both of them ? (This is just my opinion).

Sheila said...

Shaking head and saying um unh. If I was the coaches whife and FF kept asking me dumb azz questions - I would've said something to shut that sh*t down.

Adrienne said...