Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weekend: Promotion, Family Day, Black Family Reunion

Hi folks. This week has been crazy. We burried the dinosaur and got a new laptop so I can now write at home.

The weekend.

Friday – Surprise party

I am crazy as you all know. I waited until Wednesday to plan a surprise party for my husband. He received a promotion at work and I wanted to celebrate it with family and friends. My husband is a great guy and I wanted to surprise him. So we did a BACKWARD surprise party. Meaning, instead of him coming home and we all yell surprise, he would already be home and as people came he would be surprised. He was very surprised and thankful. I love game night so that was the theme. I am telling you Monoply Cards is the bomb. I can’t STAND Monoply board game but the cards are the TRUTH. They also made a new Scrabble card game but we didn’t get a change to play because we were playing Life, Pictionary, Uno, Wii and I taught them how to play poker.

Saturday – Beauty shop and family day

Our appointment was at 7 am and because people were over late I slept like a baby. My husband wakes me up out of my deep sleep and says.

Mr. Conservative: Hon, don’t you and Anger Mgmt have an appointment at 7.
Sleepy Urban: Yeah
Mr. C: Well you know its 8.
Urban: WHAT?

I jump up call the chica she told me to come in and I told her I would be there in about 15 minutes. I go to the my door to call for Anger Mgmt to get up. How come this child is already up watching t.v.? She knew we had an early appointment. I swear fo GAWD!

Mr. C drives us there and in the car he says. I woke up around 5 and 6 a.m. but you were sleeping so well. WHAT?!? So he was woke. Why didn’t he wake me up?
Anywho, it was all good. We got there about 8:40 and out by 10:15. I LOVE IT!! I hate staying all day and we still had the day left.

Around 1:00 the husband and I took the family out to eat which we haven’t done in awhile and then we went shopping. THANK GOD they have cellphones. We gave them money and told them to meet us at 6 p.m. So sweet! We didn’t have to go into their stores, i.e. Game Stop and Claires. We did get a phone call from College boy and Mr. Stefon asking us could we bring them 4 dollars. WTF. We also got to look at laptops for the family because we all are about to hurt College boy. He has a laptop and do not want us to touch his at all. I think I told ya’ll he told Anger Mgmt to use her phone or go to the library because she was not going to mess up his computer. Well Wednesday, we went and bought the same laptop we picked out Saturday. Why didn’t we just buy it then. Whatever.

Sunday – Black Family Reunion

My mom and I went to the Black Family Reunion down on the Mall. I try and go every year but missed the last two so I was determined to go this year. I love being on the Mall. You look one way you see the Capitol and the opposite you see the Monument. The weather was gorgeous as well.

We really had a ball. It was so much stuff to do, however, I did notice that their were less sponsors and no vendors. I remember buying art work from a vendor years before and I so wanted to see vendors that catered to my needs and likes. But I guess it was not meant to be. Oh well we did get some complimentary tickets to How Sweet the Sound.

I really loved hanging out with Ma Dukes and she said the same as well. I know I am my mothers child but the more we are together, as much as she knows how to work my nerves, the more I realize that we are not that different. My humor, stubborn and control freak surely came from this beautiful creature which is my mother.

Monday she called to tell me that she really had a good time and that we definitely need to do it more often and we will. I need to stop using the excuse that life gets in the way. It was easy to use when she lived in Georgia but now that she only lives 15 minutes away it is unacceptable. We will see…….


Sheila said...

Lol @ She knew we had an early appointment. I swear fo GAWD!

Congrats to Your DH.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Awwwwww, such a nice post. Sounds like everyday life. That's funny that your son won't let anyone touch his laptop. I swear fo GAWD !!!