Thursday, October 08, 2009

Update: Birthdays, Kids, Ene and ME

Dang it’s been a minute but you know how life is.

The month of September was a lot of b-days:
Mr. Conservative turned 37 on September 28th
Ma Dukes turned 50 something on September 18th
Nephew on Sept 11 and Oct 3rd and Niece on September 24th

Mr. Stefon
Mr. Stefon plays Rugby and has a cell phone (LAWD have mercy will discuss later). He got his progress report and received all 1 A, 1 C+ and the rest B’s. So right now Mr. Stefon rocks.

Anger Mgmt
Is Anger Mgmt. She is doing what she is suppose to do with school and has chosen Columbia as her college of course, however we will see at first it was NYU, then Georgetown. I just no she wants out of the house and NYC is where she wants to be located. I also overheard a conversation with her and her little friends. Now that’s one good thing a cellphone is for or is it….

He is in school and I guess he is doing his school work only time will tell. I swear they should give college students progress notes. Oh well. I am excited at the fact that he will let me buy him some clothes. I’m sorry we ALL are happy at that fact.

School and Work
School is okay. I wish I was done but whatever. I am still at the same job, but I have been looking after changing my resume yet again (shut up, I had to, remember the critique from Resume Goddess) and I applied to two internships through my school and one I want oh so BAD!!

Finished Ene’s scarf (shawl damn it). I have a couple pics I tried to take, but will take more when I get home so I can strike that shawl pose.

I have been up and down over this past month. So much so, that although I did not have time to talk to you guys I picked up my old journal and used the fresh pages left in there. I even read pages of what 2000 Urban was feeling. Wow is all I can say right now.

Okay that is the end of this update. How you durin?


KnitFloozy said...

Everyone is busy right now getting kids and stuff together. I been making discloths because I cant mentally commit to a regular long term pattern. I'll have to write a post about it later...You're Ene looks good!

gold said...

Yes you have been busy! That shawl is looking good.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know the family is doing OK! I know what you mean about ups and downs. Hope it gets better, all UP.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Sometimes the busy seems to get out of control. I'm happy to hear that as always, Urban is holding it together. Ooooooo that shawl is gorgeous !

Anonymous said...

hey hey lady :)