Monday, October 26, 2009

Um, you pregnant

Not now damn it!

After each one of my children, I said I was not having any more. I figured after College boy and Anger Mgmt that would be it. I hit the family right on the nail. One boy, one girl. Mr. Conservative and I was doing the happy dance because Anger Mgmt was in school and we would soon be able to go to the movies after 6, because we actually listened when the movies said no kids after 6 unless it was a kiddy movie.

However, as you all know I am a big ass procrastinator. I schedule my appt with the gyn, he gave me all the new shizznit about the different birth control methods, and I told him I would look at it and do my research and schedule another appointment. WELL, it took me forever to decide on the copper IUD. I loved everything I heard and birth control pills were out of the question because they make me very sick.


Urban: Doc, we are going to go with the copper IUD.
DR. FINE: (Laughing) You cannot get it.
Urban: I thought you said it was my choice and I want the Copper IUD
Dr. F: Too late.
Urban: What you mean to late? Stop playing. Are we inserting it today or do I have to make another appointment?
Dr. F: You can’t get it.
Urban: Why?
Dr. F: Because you are already pregnant.


Tomorrow: Mr. Stefon birth story.


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Oh my Gosh. That conversation is too funny or should I say are you all right and also congratulations to you and hubby ! See, this is why I love your blog !

Sheila said...


I was going to tell you the Copper IUD was the shizznit, but umm.. I can't now.

gold said...

Girl that happen to me when I found out I was prenant with my dd.But I am glad she is here and we couldn't imagine life without her. Congrats to you!! :)