Saturday, October 24, 2009

One day down 57 minutes to go.

Lawd I hope parents come on time. But in my experience. They won't.

I didn't have my drink, however it is setting to the side for when their ass leave.

Mr. Conservative had to be to work at 5 which means he left at 4:30. Which meant the garage door opened, hence waking up the brood and they started all over again.

The alarm man came by this morning to activate our system because they left something Thursday. Well he told me it was about to go off and I probably should let the kids know. I said no, that's okay they are good. They started screaming like banshees and I LOVED it.

One little smart ass one been throwing a balloon and when the alarm guy came, he strategically threw the balloon down the steps to see who was here as if I didn't know what he was doing. But I let him do it. I then hear him give a report that its a man AND its not Mr. Stefon father.

He proceeds to throw the balloon back by us again.

Urban: That balloon is about to be popped.
SNOT NOSE KID 1: How do you know?
Urban: I know because I am going to pop it!
SNK: Why would you do that?
Urban: Because I told you more than once stop bouncing with that balloon so when it comes over here again. I am going to POP it.

I hear them outside now playing football. I heard someone crying a couple times, but they will be okay. I just told my godson watch out for your finger he has broken it before. His mom's a nurse. He will be okay too.

I know my neighbors are like who the hell are those loud ass kids running around. But its all good, Mr. Stefon is rarely outside so deal with it because I am not,my house is already destroyed. Pizza is easy, but the HAND PRINTS I just saw on the wall is ridiculous but Mr. Stefon will be cleaning that shit up right after they leave.

The alarm guy said, you must be crazy, bless your soul. I asked if he wanted to stay and entertain them, he said no thank you, I didn't take my meds.


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Anonymous said...

Tooo funny! My fav is you scaring them with the alarm.