Friday, October 23, 2009

LAWD HAVE MERCY!! Can I PLEASE have a dirty martini!

What was I thinking when I told Mr. Stefon that he could have a sleepover for his birthday!!!

These boys! All Boys!! WOW!!

They are talking about high blood pressure and some more.

Why did Mr. Conservative have to work tonight? He will not be home untill 11. Collegeboy said he is not helping because that is not his kid. Aint that some bullshiggity!!

I must have been crazy thinking that them playing games all night would be easy. I forgot how competitive kids can be.

Is it wrong to drink a Dirty Martini while your watching other people kids?


KnitFloozy said...

I wont tell if you dont - but only one!

cici said...

Sounds like you need all the help you can get LOL..

Sheila said...

One glass will not hurt, but if it were me... I would've had one before the sleepover... during and after the

Anonymous said...

Heck no. Send them all to bed.